hi all from North Idaho

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    Well, to start, I don't have a marlin. yet.... I have been around guns sense I was a kid, not much, mind you, but when I lived in CA, My family rented a house on my friend's 3000 acre ranch. when I was 12-13 my friend and I went out alot, shooting and even boar hunting on his family's land. I got my hunters safety permit when I was 11. I have only shot a hand gun a few times before I turned 30, but now I try to go out every few weeks to have fun with my glock 22 and my other guns. I love living in North Idaho, Iam only minutes away from where I can safely shoot and enjoy the beautiful woods. The attached picture is of my valley I live in.
    Water is high in the pictures, I took this last week, we are currently in week 3 or 4 of flood stage on the river, last week our river was 2.5 feet above flood stage, and is currently 1.5 feet above the flood stage. I live 200 feet from the river, but I am safe as long as it doesn't raise another 3 feet. the forecast says it is to continue to drop and some time next week be below the flood stage.

    We are finally seeing summer weather up here too! in the 90's.

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    Welcome aboard. Great pictures.

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    Welcome to the forum. Glad that you could join us.
    Idaho is a beautiful state. I was out there in 2009 (by myself) & again (with my wife) in 2010 to visit friends in Eagle.
    Traveled over Black Mt. via ATV on our way to Silver City in 2009. We went back to Silver City again in 2010 via truck. The ride was great. We stopped to admire the old stage coach route.
    In 2010, we drove past the Sawtooth Mountains and on up to Stanley. That was a great day trip.
    After our visit and on our way home from Boise, we stopped at Twin Falls and seen the Snake River Gorge. Then we visited Shoshone Falls. It was all pretty amazing.
    Thanks again for joining us. Jump in and enjoy the fun. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Amazing country.

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    Welcome! I lived in Mtn. Home for ten years and hope to return before I kack. I know about your weather as living in the greater Seattle area we get it a day before you do. I'll try to send warnings when we get hit. lol Looks good through Saturday!;)
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    Welcome aboard! Great Pictures.
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    We go through mid Oregon from Washington to Idaho and to South Idaho for Whistle Pigs and badgers. My daughter and son-in-law live in Mountain Home. We are near next of kin.
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    Welcome from Florida
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    Impressive pics! Welcome.
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    William, welcome to the Marlin Forum and glad you decided to join and become a member. great pics by the way. again welcome and enjoy the forum.
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    Welcome William. great photo's nice and green there.
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    Welcome to the Forum..William.. Thankyou for the pictures.
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    welcome nova scotia, nice pictures
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    Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum William !!