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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Missedem, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. Missedem

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    Just getting into the Marlin thing. So far have a Glenfield 60, '73 and a Glenfield 25, '74. Having lots of fun and enjoy the process of bringing "parts guns" back to life. Squirrels are my targets and these guns do the job just fine.

    I'm from S. Central Illinois area (NE of St. Louis) - anybody near by?
  2. FordTruck

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    Howdy, Missedem, and welcome to the camp from northeast Indiana. C'mon over here and have a set-down by the fire. Coffee is in the pot. Help yourself. You empty it; you fill it. I did notice a most serious lack of pictorial evidence of these Marlin products of which you spoke. Too bad you didn't post some pictures of them. We lust for Marlin porn around here. As for your hunting preference, I concur. I like to hunt all kinds of big and small game but squirrel hunting is the most enjoyable for me.


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  3. Gumpy

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    Welcome to the forum from NE Alabama! Enjoy yourself. As Mr. FordTruck suggested, we love pictures!!
  4. havasu

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    Welcome to the forum. Walk west until you get wet, and the water is salty. If that happens, you are close to my house.
  5. msharley

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    Hey Missedem,

    Welcome to the Marlin Forum.

    Glad you are adopting those fine Marlins.:D

    Later, Mark