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    You guys should all go out and check out the High Point firearms forum there a good group of guys and they really know what to talking about
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    I like them too, but then I would, I'm the Admin!

    Duster is a mod there too.

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    I dont own a high point firearm i never herd of them untill recently
  4. hombre243

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    I have their 9mm and I like it a lot. I was told to toss it in the junk because it is unsafe. I guess that person didn't see the video where a couple guys actually tried to destroy a Hi Point (9mm?) by overcharging the cartridges, filling the barrel with powder and driving in a nail and then firing it off...They tried several ways to blow it up. If my poor memory serves, they finally did destroy the gun but I can't remember how they did it. I saw the video before I bought mine. I cannot say I made a mistake when I believed the video. It may be oogly but then...nuff said. Now all I have to do is learn to shoot a handgun. I am ok at 7-10 yards and can place all 8 or 10 in the torso and head. I need practice out a bit farther just in case. I will give that forum a looksee also.

    Here is the video on youtube "Man VS Hi Point"
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  5. hombre243

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    PS Someone send me a link so I get the right one.
  6. oldbrass

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    I`ve heard of hi-point but never fired one. where are they made ??
  7. hombre243

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    Made in the US

    Don't quote me but I think they're made in the US.

    Have a look OB. here's the link: http://www.hi-pointfirearms.com/
  8. oldbrass

    oldbrass Well-Known Member

    those are cool, I like the carbine, kind of a poor mans camp 9 haha
  9. hombre243

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    I like the 45

    Either a 40 or 45 will do me. I can't afford an AR but These Hi Points are in my price range. I have fired a 45 at an outdoor range in Iowa and it did not misfire and it was accurate. I don't need a lot of junk on it but I do need a scope. They're just ugly enough to be cool.
  10. oldbrass

    oldbrass Well-Known Member

    Yeah the .45 would be awesome..with the short barrel it would an excellent camp/home defense gun...much more practical than an AR IMHO
  11. hombre243

    hombre243 Well-Known Member

    Hi Point 45

    I am already loading 45 ACP so the Ruger 45 ACP cylinder would have a big buddy. It gives the old 45 ACP a new platform now that Thompsons are so expensive. :D
  12. greyhawk50

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    They are made in Mansfield, Ohio.
    They have a lifetime warranty regardless if you're the 1st. owner or the 10th. owner. They are very reliable and the company stands behind their product, 100%.
    I've owned 2 of the 995 Carbines. I sold the first one to my son and then missed it so much that I bought another. Then, with my inventory reduction program, I sold the 2nd. one to a friend as a home defense weapon.
    Never, not once did either one fail to function. Very accurate considering (1" group or less at 30 yards with iron sights). Aside from ammo cost and availability, the carbine was the most fun of all the guns that I've ever owned.
    Never owned a High Point Pistol. Didn't like the way they felt. Bulky and top heavy. My son owned one of the 9mm pistols that I shot and it wouldn't group with any ammo, although, it never failed to sling the lead.
  13. Spoon

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    UGLIEST, BULKY LOOKING CRITTERS you may ever grab hold of and shoot. They will eat ANYTHING you feed them. Drawback is cleaning. It's a swab and wipe down ordeal of action area and off course the bore. After 2000 or so rounds (if memory serves) they recommend a complete tear down which involves tapping out roll pins, etc. 10-20 minute job becomes an hour long bit of rage and patience...all in one!

    Rapid fire with 45ACP (family member's 2 two Virgin pistols at $110 each specials ain't Virgins NO MO!) We tore out a 4 inch center on each of our targets from 7-15 yds with a bunch to Trunicated Flat Pt LCs from MO Bullet Co. that refused to chamber in his XD carry pistol. Brass recovered for re-dos! Heck of a lot of fun running over 200 rounds each through those recoiless beasts! Hardly feel a thing. Not a CCW choice unless you're 6ft 8in and big as a MOOSE! Hard to hide that much metal and "plastic". They're selling now in the $200 range and higher. Rear sight is adjustable. One was 'spot on' and the other needed a tweak. They work!
  14. SWO1

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    I have the Hi-Point JCP .40. Paid $140 new as it had a couple scratches on the top of the slide. My shop had a shelve give way and buggered up about 10 new guns. My oldest grandson wanted to shoot an auto. It has functioned flawlessly with all ammo. Best results have been with Rem 180gr JHP. Only shot it out to 15yds, so far good out to there. Very little recoil. It is big, but lighter than a 1911 .45. Even comes with a rail on the bottom of the slide. I carry it in the console of my truck with 2 extra mags (10 rds ea.). If I carry it have to have a belt and suspenders.......:p

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  15. duster066

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    This is my Hi Point JHP 45. It's painted with the paint seen, and I sprinkled very fine sand into the primer coat on the grip.


    This gun got 200 rnds of Remington 230gr ball the day I bought it. It choked on the first two rounds and then went 198 straight perfect. Since then, almost 3 years, it's seen nothing but reloads. I had some serious failure issues that went away completely once I found an OAL it liked. It's nearing 1000 rnds without a single failure. It also had very serious leading issues with my WW cast slugs. They are Lee tumble lube 230gr SWC. This gun needs more liquid alox. If lubed as suggested by Lee it will lead up in a few mags. But by gooping them up heavy it shoots lead like a charm.

    The boys who did the C9 to destruction video also took a Hi Point JCP 40S&W and reamed the chamber for 10mm. It works great. That prompted me to buy a batch of Star Line 45 Super brass, and test my 45 with 45 Super reloads. Using 230gr FMJ and Power Pistol I worked up a load that felt like mid range 44mag. The gun ate them things up, and a detailed inspection under magnification showed no damage at all. I wont feed it anymore because it can't take that forever, but it's nice to know how tough they are. I will load up that brass with Supers and put them in my stash for an emergency bear gun load.

    However, they are not great guns, they are great guns for the money. But with the panic I think the carbines are over priced and would not buy a new one right now. But a few months ago I found a 995 old style 9mm carbine the "Monkey Gun" because they look like a "Planet of the Apes" gun, for $175 bucks. It's a well used gun and I have stuffed it with about 600 rounds with zero failures. I made a deal for an ATI stock for it, and it fit perfect and functions perfect in that stock. Because they are blow back operated with fixed barrels they are very accurate, more accurate than most of the main stream semi auto pistols.

    But they do have some problems someone might want to consider before buying one. The size and weight has already been mentioned.
    1) They are single action striker fired, and there is NO striker block safety. Many, including me, believe this makes them dangerous to carry cocked and locked. They do have a thumb sear block safety, and 2 drop safeties.
    2) The striker is also the ejector. There have been incidents where cycling live rounds has resulted in a round being ignited in the action. Everyone who knows the gun knows to never vigorously cycle a live round from the chamber. To clear the gun just gently cycle the action, and the round will fall out. This is very rare but it does happen.
    3)They are single stack, 10 rounds for the 9mm and 9 for the 40 and 45.
    4)If I hadn't seen this I wouldn't report it, but I have seen it. About a month ago a guy at the forum had his 4595 45 carbine receiver blow in half. He was unhurt. The slides on the pistol and bolts and receivers on the carbines are zymac. This one obviously was a bad casting. The good news is it's the only one I've heard do this, and Hi Point will replace that gun no questions asked.
    5)The pistol mags, especially the 9mm are crap, and the only real source of failures. However we boys who shoot em and like them have figured out how to tune the feed lips, and when done they will work flawlessly. It's not hard, but often with the C9 you have to do it. Bonus: The 45 will accept 1911 mags with a very simple modification to the mag, or you can buy a new mag catch so it will take stock 1911 mags.
    6) They have a low service life. The common expectation is about 5000 rounds. But your gun will last as long as Hi Point does, because when it quits working they will rebuild it good as new...for free, forever.

    The great news. Hi Point customer service is without a doubt the best I've ever experienced. They send most parts for free no questions asked. They will not send a slide, bolt, frame, receiver, or barrel. But if you need one they have you send in your gun, and what you get back is incredible. You get a mechanically and cosmetically new gun back complete with box and paper work.

    IMO they are outstanding fun guns, cheap reliable, and in our favorite pistol calibers. The carbines are incredibly fun to shoot. All of them are a bit heavy (but not brick heavy like some say) so they have lower felt recoil than other guns of the same caliber. They also make a real good truck gun and home defense gun. You can toss it in the tackle box, and not worry about it. Even if you forget it and it corrodes to death...send it in and get a new one for free.:D

    If you want a cheap reliable accurate fun gun you don't want to pamper I highly recommend them. Oh and I think it is BS you only need to clean them every 1500 rounds. I like my Hi Points and I treat them as well as all my other guns. If you are a Marlin or Winchester lever action guy the Hi Point is a piece of cake to take down. I ain't hard at all. But watch out for all the little pieces just like any other old school gun.;)

    Oh ya, of course I make holsters for them.
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