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I`ve heard of hi-point but never fired one. where are they made ??
They are made in Mansfield, Ohio.
They have a lifetime warranty regardless if you're the 1st. owner or the 10th. owner. They are very reliable and the company stands behind their product, 100%.
I've owned 2 of the 995 Carbines. I sold the first one to my son and then missed it so much that I bought another. Then, with my inventory reduction program, I sold the 2nd. one to a friend as a home defense weapon.
Never, not once did either one fail to function. Very accurate considering (1" group or less at 30 yards with iron sights). Aside from ammo cost and availability, the carbine was the most fun of all the guns that I've ever owned.
Never owned a High Point Pistol. Didn't like the way they felt. Bulky and top heavy. My son owned one of the 9mm pistols that I shot and it wouldn't group with any ammo, although, it never failed to sling the lead.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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