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Tales of the Gun - Guns of Smith and Wesson
I found this interesting since Im a fan of Smith and Wesson


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First one I ever had was a Mod. 27 .357 I carried in Viet Nam. Sold it to my replacement when I rotated for $50..what I paid for It did what the Colt .45 failed to do with .38s and .357s, and that's why I don't carry autos, or .45s.

Then had a .41 Mag. Sold it...whish now I still had it.

Next a Mod. 28-2 .357. Got to big and heavy to carry...sold it less than a year ago...again wish I hadn't.

Now just own 2, 22-A1s.

Really want a Mod. 41 but cant justify the cost.
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