Hogs...how good to eat?

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by hombre243, Nov 5, 2012.

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    Just heard from a local friend of my friend here in Tyler, who said these wild hogs have to be fed a few weeks before they taste any good. Any comments?

    My bet would be that they are wild and the guy dont like wild...so he domesticates em for awhile.

    Kind of like keepin a turtle or a fish in fresh water, or whatever, so they get cleaned out. I never could taste a difference. They may have smelled better when they were gutted and cleaned but themeat was no better than fresh out of the (woods or) pond.

    I hope he aint tryin to pull my leg. One is already longer than the other.:D
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    I have family in your area who just eats them. No need to trap. They just shoot and eat.

    I'm sure feeding them would help with the gaminess, but only so much.

  3. hombre243

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    I like the wild taste...if I didnt I wouldnt hunt. Thanks for the reassurance. We think alike.
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    Excellent source of Bacon. Otta' hang a few sides.

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    Makin bacon

    Plannin on it...but I gotta find a place to hunt and then I gotta find me a walkiin porkchop factory. I have talked to quite a few friends of my friend from down here and they all say, sure, we will ask for ya, and then next time I see em it's...ah, not yet but I will. In the mean time I am growin cobwebs. O well, It's still early...I have only been here about 3 weeks.

    Now my friend is gone out of the US for 6 months or more and I have a lot of time to hunt. But like always, something always comes up and I have to change plans.

    I took him to DFW Airport yesterday afternoon and that was a beeatch of a trip. He can thimb back.:)

    I will be out again tomorrow canvassin the neiighbors to see if anyone of them will let me hunt. There HAS to be at least one...hopefully. If I get desperate, I will find someone who will sell me a goat and let me shoot it, just to say I got sumpthin when I went huntin.:rolleyes:
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    hombre.....check out the link !!! Its Public Hunting areas in Tx. There is one close to you to the North. Sabine Bottom..5,700+ acres. Deer, Hogs and other things. The link will tell you. From reading I dont think you need a permit to take antlerted deer, but do for does. There are also areas to the south of you. All look to be within a day trip. Good Luck Buddy.....:)

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    Sabine Bttoms

    SW01...thanks. I will peruse the link. Sabine is the one I already found. I went to the checkin station and looked at the rules on the walls. I think our president wrote them...many many many.. I got there on the last day of a draw hunt...there are severa; and from what I read, hog hunting in the Bottoms is a divided season. Also, no centerfire rifles...only rimfires, blackpowder, bows and shotguns. I will have to make due. may need to get another gun...dang!

    Found the places the WMA Manager mentioned...it is the areas around Lake Tawakoni and Lake Fork. He said if he got some time and if I wasnt busy, he would try to show me a few places. Sounded like a bit easier place for me to hunt than the bottoms. I have to get broke in for huntin the rough stuff again. Been huntin the pastures and cornfields too long. I will let you know how it goes...you may need to come help me drag out hogs. I might even let ya miss one or 2.:D

    When I talked to that Wildlife management area manager he gave me some tips and a couple places too. I passed the exits for both of them late last nite coming back from Dallas. About 60-80 miles. Cant remember the names but if I saw then on a map I would know them. The manager said there was some really good hunting up there. and a lot of public land. I need a special permit to hunt that but not necessarily a hunting license if all I am hunting is hogs so I will have to wait till I have the money to get the special use permit.

    I am hoping to get back up to Iowa and get my stuff out of storage and down here where I can use it. When that happens I will think more seriously about poppin some porkies. All my processing gear is there as well as my wine and beer makin stuff. Ya cant have sausages without beer or wine, right? Hmmm...wonder how hard it is to make cheese???...

    Thanks for the help SW, being new to the area does suck...
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    I really like how friends help friends on this forum. :D
    What a great place.