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Every winter I seem to get the flu or some kind of crud. A few months ago a friend of mine sais he never gets sick cause his grandmother told them to eat fresh garlic everyday. Well I started eating a clove of fresh garlic everyday going on 6 weeks now and have yet to even sneeze.I slice thin pieces and eat it thru the day. I`m not sure if its the garlic or not but I haven`t gotten sick. There may be some truth to this natural stuff.

Any of you have any natural remedies to share ??
It works 'cause no one will get close enough to you to give you their germs. :D

Using a humidifier in the winter time has warded off our sinus issues since we started using it 12 years ago. Fewer sinus infections from dry nose and stuffiness. Everything has to drain........

Just after I started driving my younger brother and I visited my paternal grandmother for an extended summer stay. The afternoon before we left for home on a 6 hour drive she called down to the corner grocery store in her small town and authorized them to sell us a six pack of beer. We didn't drink then but you never argued with Grandma. An hour before bedtime she made us drink one beer each. Said we would sleep like a baby and be rested for the trip. It worked.

Same grandmother always made youngsters drink what was about a shot of homemade wine in a cordial glass with a meal at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Claimed it would help our digestion. I think she was right. Or....she wanted all us heathens to take a nap after dinner so it would be quiet for a while! That worked too. There really IS more than one way to skin a cat.

She didn't cotton to people drinking often, but she knew how to use the alcohol as a tool. Medicinal purposes.

My maternal grandmother taught my mom to put a little maple syrup in our bottle if we got constipated while at nursing age. Works like a charm. Still does to this day but I take it on waffles or pancakes now.
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