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Honey Do list caught up with me !!

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My wife has been wanting to expand the screened in porch, over double what it now is. She has been real patient so this morning I went and ordered a new roll of metal screen, they only had a partial roll. Also got the under layment for the floor and some 4X4s. Have to move two end walls out and prep the rails for screen. Need to get it done before to long ..... deer season is fast approaching.
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Good luck,you need to keep her happy or you may not be hunting this year :D.
That porch isn't going anywhere.
My "honey" (wife of 28 years) won't leave a list because she knows she'll get more out of me without one!
My "honey" (wife of 28 years) won't leave a list because she knows she'll get more out of me without one!
No ACTUAL list here either. But she has a memory like a compter, many, many, gigs ......LOL. She just drops subtle hints as to "you said you were going to to XXX, last week, month, even year ...... and leaves it as an open ended remark waiting for me to respond. SHE NEVER FORGETS .....:eek: Once I commit to doing somethig is ON THE LIST FOREVER.
Mine does likes to mention from time to time that I promised to take our 87 year old metal garage down - I've been hoping a fat squirrel will run across the roof and bring it down but no luck so far! Why do wives feel compelled to bring up the obvious, doesn't she realize that I park in the driveway every night (of course not too close to the garage!). Besides, as I explained to her time and again, since I painted it barn red, trimmed it in white, and gave the roof a good coat of silver roof paint, it's considered a landmark by the neighborhood.
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