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    Bought a Hornady bullet puller and collet for 45-70. I have a kinetic hammer puller but they are messy. I have about 20 rounds I want to pull down. I switched scales and have decided that while I know the loads are safe, I like to know exactly what the load is per my new scale. So I am going to pull them.

    Do you guys have any experience with the Hornady bullet puller and collet? I like the idea because the powder will remain in the case rather than spilling into the innards of the hammer and then making a mess as I try to recover it.
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    I use the RCBS version. Slightly different.

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    I have one of the impact types and hate to use it in my apartment but, the Forster collet type I have sucks and I am ready to pitch it and get something else. Keep us informed.

    ** One thing I discovered about the collet type bullet puller I have (Forster) is that if you miss the bullet only a couple times and instead clamp down on the lip of a case, and pull as you would a bullet, the collet slides, and the grip surface slides across the brass case and fills up the gripping surface with brass. This will raise havoc with the process and will not allow the collet to grip the bullet once you do grip it.

    I had to use my bronze brush and some Kroil oil to clean the grip area and it started working immediately. I did not get a good feel for the case mouth. I think it may have been because of the rolled crimp. The next one I tried had a factory crimp and I detected the case mouth easily.
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