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Hornady LEVERevalution & FTX Bullets??

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How many here have tried the Hornady LEVERevalution???
I have bought both the 30-30 and the .35 rem. but haven't tried then at the range.
Because I Reload;
I have, however, tried the Hornady FTX bullets. My only complaint is that Hornady's recommended load data is about 200 fps slower than the Factory Ammo.
Because of my age and physical problems, my hunting isn't what it used to be nor near what I would like it to be. Just the way it is.
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Hogdons load data (can label and manual) for the 35 rem using LE powder is as close to LE factory velocity as I can get..

I like the long range performance of the ftx bullets, but only at max distances.. It doesn't seem to have the knock down on deer at shorter ranges like the Rem 200gr core-lokts or Speer 180gr..
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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