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Hornady LEVERevalution & FTX Bullets??

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How many here have tried the Hornady LEVERevalution???
I have bought both the 30-30 and the .35 rem. but haven't tried then at the range.
Because I Reload;
I have, however, tried the Hornady FTX bullets. My only complaint is that Hornady's recommended load data is about 200 fps slower than the Factory Ammo.
Because of my age and physical problems, my hunting isn't what it used to be nor near what I would like it to be. Just the way it is.
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I've used the factory Hornady LE ammo in 30-30 and 45-70. Works fine for deer sized and smaller critters. Not sure I'd go up against a bear or large hog with it.

I bought a box of 325LE bullets to try out but haven't gotten around to reloading them. Got back into 30-30 ownership last month. Would like to try the 30-30 for yotes and 200 yard deer hunting. I think I'll try some recipes for 125-130gr round nose bullets or maybe some spitzers as a two shot rifle. Failing that I could always resort to the gummy nose bullets.

Since acquiring the 30-30 I'll retire my 1895CB to woods deer hunting at 125yds or less with 405 hardcast bullets. I may load up the LE bullets for my wife with loads less than Hornady levels to keep the recoil down for her. She can handle them at the low end of the load data scale but not at 2,050 fps. They would fly flatter than the Rem 405SP she is currently using. Regardless, I'll be using IMR4198 for the 325LE handloads. Not as interested in going full scale with LE's to invest in another powder.
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What are you reloaders of FTX bullets doing for a crimp? I can't get the LE brass up far enough into my Lee FCD to put a crimp on the brass.
I shot a lot of LE when it was only available as a factory loaded round so I have lots of their shorter brass. No need to trim good standard length brass.

The Lee Pacesetter die set comes with a factory crimp die. From what I can tell by playing with the bullet seating die, in that set the seating die doesn't have a crimp capability due to the inclusion of the FCD. At least it looks that way in my .45-70 set.

I think I've read on another forum where someone milled down the bottom end of their Lee FCD to shorten it enough to crimp LE brass, but it would likely be too short to use on non-LE brass.

I was just curious as I have some 325gr LE bullets for my 45-70 and was going to try them until I put some LE brass into the crimp die to finish some dummy rounds. I kept crimping but no crimp showed up on the brass. I was crimping the bullet just above the brass mouth! The Lee FCD is designed to ignore slightly un-uniform brass lengths by crimping at a predetermined length rather than the crimp engaging at the case contact point.
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Will do. I have an email in to Lee right now. Let you know what they say. I really like the FCD and would hate to resort to normal crimping dies. I know a lot of people use them but I'm just hooked on the FCD.
Looked through their FAQ page while waiting for a response. Found this posted Nov 2011:

Our standard PaceSetter Full Length Sizing 45/70 die set will not work on 45/70 Hornady LEVERevolution Brass.
The Bullet Seating and Powder Through Expanding dies need to be shortened in order to reload this brass. We can make the modification here at the factory for $15.00 + $5.25 shipping and handling.
We would need you to send in your Bullet Seating and Powder Through die and an example case or the difference in length from where the case contacts the shell holder between standard 45/70 brass and the Hornady LEVERevolution brass.
Our address:
Lee Precision, Inc.
4275 Highway U
Hartford, WI 53027

If that is the case then the die wouldn't be usable for non-LE brass as the crimp action is caused by the shellholder contacting the bottom of the die's collet tube. I would end up with an LE only FCD and powder thru expanding die. Hmmmmmm. You don't find that out until you have spent $36 on a box of LE bullets. Not sure I want to end up with two bullet-specific dies that I couldn't use for any other load. Probably cheaper to buy a Hornady set and use their crimper.

What to do.....what to do.
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Wait a minute. They are saying the bullet seating and powder thru expanding dies. Nothing said about the FCD. I'm confused. The seater works fine for my bullet seating lengthwise. I can see the powder thru expander die because it spaces on the ram shell holder. But the Lee FCD spaces on the shell holder too.

Better wait for the email response..........

Sent an email to Hornady also to see what they say. I imagine Hornady's typical set, or the Lee standard rifle die set would work when adjusted properly but I'm not sure. I believe Hornady offers a different bullet seating die for the FTX to minimize deformation of the plastic tip.

I'll keep you posted.
In case some of you weren't aware, the die length problem doesn't seem to be present on 30-30 brass. I wasn't using my used Hornady LE brass because I thought it was shorter too. It isn't. Found that out after someone urged me to measure it. Duh. My mistake. It measures the same as used Fed, Rem, and Win brass.
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