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How are you finding Marlin Forum?

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Facebook, Google, link somewhere?

How are you finding us.
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I found this place doing a search for some info on the marlin 1894pg several months ago.

Great site, lots of good info.

Howdy Bobshouse. Don't know how I missed you. WELCOME!!
Found a link on the KTOG forum, put a link on Bersachat and really like it here.:)

I found the forum while searching Marlin info online.
My friend from the Ruger forum shared the Marlin giveaway link
Found it in the Lost n Found at Hi Point Forum
I found it on facebook.
I found it from the link on the :D
Found it on Facebook, posted by someone I follow, oops, I mean "like".
Someone posted about the free Marlin 60 give-away on one of the other forums I'm on.
I seen it on facebook, but before that, someone posted a link on which I am a member there too.
A friend referred me here!
I googled "Marlin" and it listed all kinds of things "Marlin". One was the forum.
I googled "Marlin" and it listed all kinds of things "Marlin". One was the forum.
That's how I found it! I was researching a serial number!
I found it when searching info on my dads 81-DL.
Concerns addressed:

Posted then retracted: I... however, would like to address these concerns:

The advertisements are an annoyance , but in forums with many thousands of active members , I can see the need to help cover server and software costs . Oh . that's right ,there are not thousands of members posting daily or even weekly here.

The Ads help support this community...there are many costs associated with running multiple forums on multiple servers utilizing multiple software updates and changes to the infrastructure...along with legal costs / retainers. Any support from our membership is a worthwhile investment right back into our community.

The 4 or 5 stickys at the top of each section asking for $$$ just doesn't sit right with me . If you have a good forum and members , just ask for a donation if you need some help with the costs of new software and such.

That is why there are remind the membership that options exist to help the community grow. The costs involved with keeping this forum an up to date social gathering place that's nice to visit because it runs well, has little to no SPAM and TROLLS...and the aforementioned ads may help the membership find a certain thing they may want or need.

I lost a lot of interest here when the " Special folks " / premium membership started. Why the need to create 2 classes of members on a forum ?

The Premium / Supporting Membership programs is a small reward for the members who choose to support the community...our "way" of saying THANK YOU !!

While I'm on a rant , can some one look up the stats and tell me the ratio of moderators to actual posters on any given day ?

There are four moderators available around the clock to help assist the membership with problems with their accounts, as well as keeping SPAM and TROLLS from bothering our community, and to help keep the site running as smoothly as make this site and all the others in the groupbuilder realm a nice place to visit and chat about your favorite firearms...


Enjoy the site and your community !!

And Thank You for your support...( monetary or otherwise.)

The Marlin Firearms Forum Admin and his friendly Moderators
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21 - 40 of 45 Posts
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