How do you keep track of you firearms?

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  1. greyhawk50

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    I believe it is a good idea to keep track of your firearms. You might need it in case of a fire or theft. The Insurance Co. will want proof of owning them as well as having an accurate description for LEO if they are stolen. That is how I have photos of guns I've sold over the past 8-10 years.
    In the Remington Thread, Shooter 13 stated that he has a Spreadsheet to keep track of his firearms.
    In my case, I take a digital photo or copy a photo from the web. Then I "rename" the photo with make, model, caliber, serial number, price paid and whether or not it has a paper trail. Then I copy the photo to a jump drive that is kept in a secure place.
    Anyone else have any suggestions???????

    If you have the time, a record of tools or anything of value would be useful also.

  2. oldbrass

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    My brothers a LEO,I keep my info in his gunsafe

  3. Shooter

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    I have a friend with a fireproof safe that I keep a log of all my firearms and serial numbers in.
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    I have a hard copy that I try to update 3 - 4 times a year along with computer pics and serial numbers. It's a real job keeping track of what comes and goes. :D
  5. SHOOTER13

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    Firearm records...

    I would just like to add to what Grey referenced about my record keeping.

    Besides the MS Excel spreadsheet on my laptop hard drive, I also keep a copy of the spreadsheet and all digital pictures on two thumb in a bank safety deposit box, and one in my gun safe.

    The spreadsheet itself has all the info on the firearm...make, model, serial number, caliber, date bought, price paid...etc. I usually print a hard copy to annotate any changes...then make the digital changes on my laptop and thumb drives.

    When one is updated...all are updated. A third thumb drive makes swapping out the one in the bank deposit box easier...then I bring that one home until the next update. Not quite as complicated as when I see it typed out now...but it works for me !
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    i keep a paper copy in my small safe, but also keep copies on file with my insurance agent. i just have them updated periodicaly as they seem to multiply some how! but i also keep them in my laptop so that i can download them to a flash drive if i need to.
  7. Shooter

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    Do you have it on a gig drive?

    I've thought about doing that. I have one for work that I carry with me. Would save some time if I ever got robbed. Wouldn't have to call my friend for access to his safe.
  8. Kentucky_Transplant

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    Update a Serial # listing with each purchase. Then E-mail it to all 3 of my e-mail accounts so that if a theft occurs, I can forward the e-mail to the authorities wherever I am at from my I-phone.
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    If you can get them, you can have them.
  10. Gaterskiner

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    I would reply to most people that you are overconfidant.

    But I don't think that advice aplies here.;)
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    I already know that the narcissistic crackhead gets so frustrated coming up empty handed
    trying to get my stuff, they usually resort to vandalism.

    The Military taught me the best place to hide stuff is right in plain sight. I would lay in a divot in a field for a week while troops would patrol the tree line looking for me.

    Let me tell you sometime how to prevent your 60" Flat screen from walking out the door. ;)

    Thank God you can use deadly force against vandalism in Texas too.
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    AMEN! it's not if i'm willing to shoot someone stealing my property, it's whether the stupid thief is willing to get shot trying to steal it!
  13. Shooter

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    I went out and bought that gig drive. I'm going to update it tonight and put it on my key chain.

    Now all I have to do is stop losing my keys.