How I made a follower for my 1894 44 mag.

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    I got a heck of a deal on a 1894 a few years ago and the reason was soon apparent. It would jam nearly constantly when it fed down to the last 3 shells. didn't much mind because it never took more than 1 shot to take ever game animial it was pointed at and just kept the tube full. Then it started getting worse so I researched it. I worked the action stoned the parts that looked like they needed it and it still jammed. Then I came across a tidbit that was sure enough the problem. The follower was out of round. I was going to just buy another then on a whim while I had the mag tube out I slid a 500 S&W cartridge that was accidental a range pick up. Sure enough it fit perfect except the rim. So in sort of a half hearted effort I sawed off the rim, smoothed down the rough spots and stuck a spent 44 mag case in and it fit like a glove. Tried the spring and it fit perfect too. Next I measured out the dimple I'd need for it to feed the final cartridge and marked it. I lathered up the inside of the 500 and outside of the 44 rem with flux and put them together. Then broke out the propane touch and some solder. Chucked I in the vice lightly by the 44 rim, heated it up till the solder flowed, gave it a quick dunk in some ice water. Put it all back together and shezam, The bugger feeds like Rosie O'Donald at a Golden Corral buffet. here's a pic just before I put it back in the rifle and it does hold one less round but if I can't stop what ever is coming at me with 9, 300 grain XTPs I might be old but I'm still pretty quick if the need arises.
    I'll also bet a dollar to a doughnut that if you knock the primer out it will feed the gummies if you rifle won't feed them now.
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    Very good analysis and follow up!

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    Excellent solution, thanks for sharing.

    Edit: I had an afterthought, you could paint the end, just as a visual aid that it's the follower and not one more round in the tube
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