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How is the quality of the Latest Marlin 336

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The 336 I got a couple years ago was very reliable and accurate. How is the quality at this point in time. Is Remlin learning to make Marlins properly or have they slid backwards?

I do not know much about when they were junk and when they improved. I had a good one so I am oblivious to when or if they were ever good or bad after Remington took over.
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From what I heard the latest Remlins at the SHOT Show were pretty decent guns, but unsure if that's a good example, as I'd expect nothing less at the SHOT Show. But also heard reports that Remington is really trying hard to overcome their earlier mistakes on the newest Marlins.
Never been a issue for me, as I didn't buy newer Marlins anyway. Even when they were made in Connecticut I still preferred the very old ones.
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