Howdy from Tucson, AZ. First time Marlin Owner

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Jones, Apr 6, 2013.

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    Hello everyone, I found this site by pure chance while I was researching information on my first owned firearm ever, the Marlin M99 M1. I'm attaching a picture of it.

    I am relatively new to shooting. Before my friends started taking me out to go shooting with them about a year back , I didn't really have all that much interest in it. However, after I started participating I got hooked pretty quick and it is one of the most fun if not the most fun things to do in my free time.

    Was going to get one of those older mosin nagants but my friend suggested that my first rifle be a .22 and told me to jump on this ad for it on backpage. Turns out the gentleman selling it is a gunsmith and he got it in a trade 3 months ago. It had a few issues and he fixed them up and now its in my hands. Have not fired it yet but took it to a friend who is also a gunsmith and he taught me a few things about cleaning and maintaining it. If it has issues, I'm to save the brass and he'll be able to diagnose the issues from the brass. Taking it out to shoot it for the first time tomorrow.

    Pretty excited to have it and looking forward to diving headfirst into this pastime.


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  2. FOUR4D4

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    Welcome to the forum.Nice rifle

  3. Jones

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    Thank you for the welcome. I'll be sure to do a writeup of how it does. I know very little about marksmanship and ballistics so I am very much a newbie.

    I have about 150 rounds of Blazer 40 grain rated at 1235 fps, 40 hollow point copper plated American Eagle extreme range ( no fps rating on box, 38 grain says extreme range 1 1/2 mile) and a box of 50 rounds of Federal Lightning (no fps or grain information, same 1 1/2 mile rating). From what I've been reading up on so far, I'm apparently supposed to avoid winchester at all costs, Blazer is good, but not sure about Federal or American Eagle and not sure if hollow points are less desirable than regular ones or if there isn't a difference.

    Main objective in taking it out is making sure it works properly and checking for issues and just having fun plinking cans and a little target practice.
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    Welcome to the forum Mate !
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    Jones you scored dude, thats a beautiful rifle. I love the old school look. May I say your friend was spot on talking you into a .22 for your first rifle..No matter what you get after this every man needs atleast one .22 CONGRATS and welcome aboard...
    I`m out here in soggy washington state so could you send a little sun our way HAHA
  6. Gumpy

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    Welcome to the forum. Thats a nice lookin' gun you have there. For sure let us know how it shoots!
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    Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum !!
  8. Jones

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    Well, she shot great. Had a couple of issues with the action though. Had to pull it back slowly and eyeball to make sure the bullet went into the barrel. Had to stick my finger in there a couple times to help it. Otherwise it wouldn't get into the barrel. Had it jam on me once when I was about halfway through the tube. Had to lock the action back and stick a finger in it again to get the bullet out and clear it. Other than that , shot smoothly. Tried both 8 and 9 rounds, no issues. Just have to be slow and careful on getting that first bullet into the barrel.

    Can't send any sunshine, but hopefully some pictures will brighten your day. These were taken around 3 30 - 4 00 P.M. yesterday. Redington Park Rd. If you look at a google map of Tucson, find Tanque Verde road and follow it northeast, you'll see where it turns into Redington Park road. I went about 20 miles in. Shooting was half the fun. The other half was discovering the joys of independent suspension for the first time. I've owned this Blazer for a year now and haven't taken it down a road like this yet. She handled it like a champ ! It had its thrilling moments too... like when I braked and the back started to slide around and I'm heading for a bend that has a drop over the edge. Definitely feels like that truck was made for something like this.

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  9. Bucky

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    Wait till you drop your tyre pressures down to 12 psi.
    Then you will find out it's real potential.

    Caution notes. At 12 psi do not turn sharp, and do not go over 25 mph.
    Get a 12 Volt compressor, to pump your tyres back up, when you get out on 1/2 decent roads again
  10. Hyphenated

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    Welcome aboard...nice pictures.
  11. Spoon

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    Welcome Jones! Great looking rifle as others have noted. I grew up in the NM desert. Pics remind me of days in my youth ;) Maybe your feed problem is something simple and IF ammo ever comes available in variety, a different brand or shape/type will end the 1st round frustrations! Have a great day:)
  12. greyhawk50

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    Welcome to the Forum Jones. Glad to have you here.
    Very nice rifle. I would love to find one for myself.

    You live in a beautiful state except for the heat. It may be a dry heat but it is still hot. We have friends in Mesa and visited there last spring.
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    Welcome aboard! Nice rifle and beautiful country. Congrats on both counts.