Hunter honking a Sambar Deer in the Bush

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  1. Bucky

    Bucky Well-Known Member

    Check out this "bloke", playing "honk me", in the Aussie Bush

    I only get them to honk, then vanish
    I am sure they are "beam me up, Scottie !" type animals

    Anyway enjoy !

  2. Spoon

    Spoon Well-Known Member

    Tell you mates the calling was good enough to bring my wife in to check on me as I was watching the video. She thought I might have been choking :) I also heard what sounded like a nervous chickaree squirrel chattering. Do you fellas hunt tree rats like we do in the US?

    I think you almost need the size and stealth of a bobcat to sneak up on one of those Sambar deer ;) Pretty thick country to be dragging a large man's frame through without snapping a lot of twigs and such.

    Thanks for the entertaining education about you quarry and area you hunt. Doesn't seem much different than hunting & calling elk in the rut here, except the "beam me up" acts.

  3. Bucky

    Bucky Well-Known Member

    We do not hunt rats here, or should I say I have never herd of "hunting rats" done in Oz.
    Maybe around Farm sheds with "rat shot", (a 22 with some powder like shot, that will not blow holes in anything but a rat)

    Stealth whilst hunting Sambar is what its about, when stalking them.... Most other variety's of Bambi that I have huntes are relatively easy to "stalk in on", but not the mighty Sambar
    Think of it this way.,,,,,

    Virtually impossible to sneak in from front on, or from behind, as they have lived in the jungles' of India, Burma, and Thailand for thousands of years, and know how to evade Tigers stalking up on them. (most of the time)
    But they have weak points, :p
    1) they are virtually "dumb" from side on, so when you find a wallow, a "preaching tree", or a bed, then all you have to basically do is sit off it, and wait till they wallk in. (and trust me, that is easier said than done.)
    2) as the video shows, they are very curious. They really want to know what is happening around them.
    3) As my mate "Bill" says, you have to find a Stag, that is dumber than what I am, and there lies a problem ( hehehehehe !) :D
    4) There is that much feed up in the Victorian High Country, Bambi does not have to go far at all for "tucker"
    5) because of all that different tucker, and vegitation makes it like "walking on Dorito's" without breaking any.

    The Animal likes to live in "zones of silence", ie no wind, and quiet, and vitrually impossible to be "stealth", but a "Stag", will hear you coming, before you will even know you are there.
    (those "Zones of Silence" are very strange to be in the first few times)
    And just when you think you have got it all together, one will wander through camp, or you will drive up on one, walking down the road.

    All in all, a bloody good challenge
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  4. Spoon

    Spoon Well-Known Member

    Tree Rats = Squirrels. Reds, Greys, Chickarees, Tassel-Earred and the like depending upon where in the US a fella lives. Colloquial term by some of us rednecks; sorry to mislead your line of thought.

    Looks like the Sambar gives quite a challenge. Best wishes for much success in your pursuits of the beasts.