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  1. artbrownsr

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    I posted this on September 04 of this year:
    Hi folks I'm new to Marlins as I don't have any yet. All my guns are Bolt action except the 870 shotgun. I'm really looking hard at the Marlin "Guide Gun" in .45-70 as a bear defense while I'm trying to get my quota of salmon during the year.
    Any thoughts on this gun, the various models, etc. Is there a thread or two that already discusses this? HELP!!

    and yet I've been teaching MY kids and grandkids on the wood stock Model 81 DL for at least the last 18 years

    when my youngest finally had a stable home I gave it to her and acquired the 925R to replace it for MY use.
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  2. LT2108

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    It happens to the best of us :rolleyes: :p

  3. greyhawk50

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    I didn't ignore you. It's just that I don't own, nor have I ever owned, a 45-70 of any make or model.
    Maybe someone else will chime in.
    There is a section in the index that covers Big Bore Lever Actions.
  4. Ulthred

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    I have a full size 1895. My experience with the .45-70 has been with it. That being said, I know of no animal in the continental US that can stand in front of it. It's fast and accurate, and hits really hard. It is no fun to shoot of a bench, very fun to shot from field rests such as sitting or kneeling. Grab one and go have fun.
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    Your not an idiot ,just a gun nut like the rest of us
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    Don't feel bad,on a thread on another forum we were talking about Savage rifles and I said I'd never owned 1 then later remembered I had just bought 1 a few months earlier :eek:.
  7. artbrownsr

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    Glad to know I aint alone in this! after all, misery DOES love company!:eek:
  8. Bucky

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    I would have a Marlin 45-70 tomorrow, if I could sell my .444, and I almost did, but he got a 45-70 with a 18" barrell and a laminated stock, on special, BUGGER !
    It's a little "ripper", and brilliant in the "bush", with its short barrell.
    I have shot a few different varieties, of 45-70, and loved everyone of them.
    Just get one

    Best described as a "Mountain Howitzer", by one of my New Zealand mates.
    Shoot them all day, and nothing gets away.
  9. artbrownsr

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    Yeah that's my idea short gun with lots of terminal velocity for dangerous situations as Salmon fishing with it slung at the ready, or one of our party standing "bear watch" as they share our favorite fishing spots!
  10. Bucky

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    Don't forget the extra toilet paper
    It may come in handy, if you get a bear angry !
  11. artbrownsr

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    Nahh I wear depends! It keeps the rest of the clothes clean!
  12. Bucky

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    We call toilet paper "tickets" or "poo tickets"
  13. Gumpy

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    Art, I think he was talking about TP for the bear! Lol