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I didn't win the new rifle

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What's up with that. I already was getting my FFL guy in my mind, ready to go.

Congratulations Blackhawk73.
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Yes, I agree, Congratulations Blackhawk73.
Congrats BlkHawk73.
Congratulations to the winner. (And my long winless streak remains unbroken!) :D
THANKS to the forum powers that be for even offering a chance to win a Marlin Model 60 :)

He even went out of his way to show that the drawing was honest and open unlike a lot of drawings. Hats off to integrity.

I actually had gone ahead and bought a used one the week before since lady luck isn't often in bed with
The one I got looks brand new so I'm really excited to have one again.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Model 60 !

Congrats to the winner. Luck worthy of lifetime memories.
Thanx again folks! I'm thinking how best to surprise my son with this. He enjoys shooting and has his own 10/22 he built up himself (pretty well too for a 10yo). I've wanted him to have a nice little more classically styled 22lr for a while now and this one will be perfect.
Congratulations, BlkHawk73. Your son is going to love it.

But you all know I would have won this rifle had I been here for the raffle. :rolleyes:
congrats on the rifle contest Blkhwk73. i too keep my winless streak! the M60 is an excellent rifle and your son will enjoy it.
Congrats on winning that about a pic when you give it to your son ?!
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