I got bored and whipped up a small batch of...

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  1. hombre243

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    Hamburger Jerky.

    This batch is Pepper jerky. I know, I know, it aint jerky if it's made from burger. It's all I had and I wanted something to snack on in the woods.

    I got an Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator over 2 years ago and used it one time before I went to Texas. I finally got it out of storage and decided to whup up a 3 lb batch of the stuff. I will shoot some pics of the whole finished trays when it finishes about 4 am. Just in time to seal up a few sticks and toss them into the Possibles Bag...which I use for both BP hunting as well as for the 22.

    Knowing me...this stuff will be gone really soon.
  2. hombre243

    hombre243 Well-Known Member

    Well, as they say...the best plans of mice and men...I couldn't get that cow anywhere near the grinder...

    Actually, when the bell went off at 430 this am all I wanted to do is go back to sleep, so I shoved those greasy sticks into a tupperware bowl and went back to see if I could find that gorgeous little 30 year old wahini. While I was messin around with the jerky she ran off with the pool boy. Can't blame her...he has all his teeth.

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    I so needed a good laugh.
  4. FOUR4D4

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    When you run out of venison jerky. Try pork and marinate it a few hours.Pork roast sliced and marinated in Italian dressing
  5. hombre243

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    I just got back home with 5 lbs of rump.. I could not find any flank or sirloin roast. Cheapest I could find is $5.94/lb so that is what I got. I am freezing the roasts so they are easier to slice and tomorrow ...or whenever I decide to do it I will make another batch. This time with real meat.

    I was going to try the pork jerky too but ran out of money. Next time. Thanks for the tip Four4D4. I wasn't sure pork was good for jerky. But it makes sense. If pork jerks up ok I will use that and save half the cost. I do love jerky...but I like making summer sausage even more.