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I gotta get out more !!

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Shooting the 38 Super and 45 is fun. Looking for the brass isn't. Looking at some pics of ranges I notice nets used to catch brass in the lanes. I google and cant find any commercial ones. So I decide to make my own. So I go to the local Fabric shop in town. Its called Ma & Pa Fabric Shop. On going in there are a couple of women having fabric cut by the owner. I wait my turn and ask about netting. He shows me what he has. Says it isn't very heavy duty and only a couple of colors, Pink, White, Blue, and Black. I brought a couple cases with me to check the weave to make sure it would stop the cases. Explained it didn't need to be heavy and what he had would be fine for a casing collection trap. Turns out he is a SHOOTER also and a reloader. To make a long story short pointed me to a little shop about 25 miles out in the sticks. Says they have EVERYTHING for Reloading ... :cool: Only open 3 days a week and Thursday is the BIG DAY. Gets his supply truck in Thursday morning. I will run over this afternoon and check it out. If it works out will beat that 90 mile trip to Sedalia.

Oh yea ..... Got 3 yards X 108" of black, will make 3 traps for $6.
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Went to the little shop over in Weaubleau, Mo. ( Pronounced Wobb-low). Pop. about 400. No wonder I never noticed it before. Looks like an abandoned building...LOL. Two big ole Junk Yard Dogs chained on the side with a sign on the door " DOGS INSIDE AT NIGHT". Only open thurs, fri, and sat. Front room is gun and ammo shop. Only about 30 new long guns, 10 or so used, and about 10 pistols. Pretty good stock of ammo. I asked about Reloading stuff. Ole boy pointed to a doorway and said, Back Room, Go on in .... :) Now we were talking. BULLETS, POWDER, PRIMERS, DIES, and lots of em. Mostly Hornady bullets in new boxes. Good prices. Best deals were BULK he had packaged in 100 pc. zip lock baggies. Sellier and Belloit Primers, 1500 to a brick, small pistol @ $34. Might give them a try. CCI was $32 a brick.

Only .308 flat based 150gr bullets he had today were Privi, and Hornady. The Hornady I have so got a baggie of the Privi. Will load some and give them a try. He said next week will have a very large shipment of everything coming in. Will go back and check it out .......... :D
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If this helps....


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Hal.... I cant get the Hornadys to shoot that well, not out of my guns anyway. The Sierras seem to do a lot better out of the Savage and Marlin. The Wizzard isn't all that tight with anything, about 1"-1.5" is the best so far. All are good enough for deer tho. I havnt found any powder to beat H3031 YET.....:p H335 is second best. But then I have only shot the 150gr bullets also. Kills em pretty dead.
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