I love a parade !!

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    Off to the Christmas Parade in town. Cameron ( The Bawana ) plays the bass drum in the Marching Band. Plays the full set in the Jazz and Regular Band. He also pounds on the Kettle Drums sometimes. I will try and get a pic of him with "The 76 Trombones" in the 1000 member marching Band. But ..... 950 of them have been absent all year ..... :D
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    Here is Cameron ( The Bawana ) with the Buffalo High School Marching Band. They stopped right in front of me and played a song, then marched off. Complete with raindeer horns. It was 71 and overcast at parade time (1500). A good crown lined the city streets. About 35 different floats, wagons, ect. There were 3 High School bands from the surrounding area. After the parade the band went to the Square for the Lighting of the Christmas Tree. They played for about 30 minutes for the crowd before the lighting. Small town celebration was nice.

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    Now the Bawana has a face! Good looking young man. The small town celebrations are the best!
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    Yea...I love a parade too !!