I`m going big-sissy for elk

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    These are the 30-06 loads that bruised my shoulder yesterday..the 165gr Nosler accubond / 56gr W760 (savage featherweight w/steel buttplate)
    These were going to be my elk load but the 7mm-08 sounds much more pleasent on my 50 year old bones. I have some 139 gr factory ammo for it. The heaviest factory loads I can find here for 7mm-08 are 140s. That would work I`m sure but I`d like a little heavier. I found some 150gr Nosler partitions in 7mm that should do it. I`ve already heard of how inadequate the 7mm-08 is as a hunting cartridge..The same thing I was told about the 30-30

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    Yep the 7mm-08 and the 30-30 are world renown for bullets bouncing off of big game animals. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    Nosler partitions are good bullets. Put one of those in the right place and you should be okay.

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    Your right about that, shot placement is everything..lots of critters poorly shot with super magnums and never found