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I need I D help

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I have an old Marlin 30-30 lever that I need help with. It has a short mag tube, marked Model 93 with initials JM on top tang, and a ser# of 1xxx. What I have learned from other sites is a bit confusing. One site said that the ser# indicates it was made prior to 1883, but another said Model 93 wasn't used until 1894. This is a hand me down used by my grandfather, father and I. Thanks for any help.

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another point i found, was that when the 336 came into production they started phasing out the M93.

seems that from what igathered by what little information i could find, the M93, also known as the model 1893 actually came out in 1883 from what i read on another forum. might crosscheck that to be sure. it came out in various blackpowder cartridges and was offered in the 30-30 in the mid to late 1890's. the rifles could be had with many different barrel lengths, round, octogan and a combination of, different magazine tube lengths, different stock shapes and woods, different sight options and other options too. from what i gather they seem to have been very well built nice rifles.
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