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I need I D help

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I have an old Marlin 30-30 lever that I need help with. It has a short mag tube, marked Model 93 with initials JM on top tang, and a ser# of 1xxx. What I have learned from other sites is a bit confusing. One site said that the ser# indicates it was made prior to 1883, but another said Model 93 wasn't used until 1894. This is a hand me down used by my grandfather, father and I. Thanks for any help.

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According to Brophys book , I'm kinda paraphrasing here but I'll put it in a quote anyway .

the " model 1893 " stamp on the tang wasn't shortened to " model '93 " untill 1905 .
Remained basicly the same till 1922 when the new Marlin Firearms Corporation resumed production of sporting arms after WW1.A few more options were offered starting then. ....
In 1936 the model name was changed to " Model 1936 "
I believe that on the first variation of the model 1936 ( no letter prefix on the serial # ) the only change was a slight shape difference on the stock and the roll stamp on the tang. The internal mechanics are the same as the last model 93 s produced.
As far as I can tell the 1936 continued on as the model 36 until 1948 when the model 336 was introduced.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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