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I need I D help

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I have an old Marlin 30-30 lever that I need help with. It has a short mag tube, marked Model 93 with initials JM on top tang, and a ser# of 1xxx. What I have learned from other sites is a bit confusing. One site said that the ser# indicates it was made prior to 1883, but another said Model 93 wasn't used until 1894. This is a hand me down used by my grandfather, father and I. Thanks for any help.

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FYI..don't confuse the Model 1893 and the Model 93 as being one and the same. I get aggravated when trolling the auction sites looking for treasures and see someone who has a Model 93, but has listed it as an 1893. The Model 93 suffers with some issues because of the turmoil Marlin was experiencing at the time and WWI. Record keeping was poor during that time period and date of manufacture can be tricky. During and after the war Model 93's were known for mix and match parts because of the hardship the war put on inventory and manufacturing in general. It is not uncommon to find a nice Model 93 post war production rifle and not be able to tell if it is original or not because of the incongruity of parts.
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