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I need I D help

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I have an old Marlin 30-30 lever that I need help with. It has a short mag tube, marked Model 93 with initials JM on top tang, and a ser# of 1xxx. What I have learned from other sites is a bit confusing. One site said that the ser# indicates it was made prior to 1883, but another said Model 93 wasn't used until 1894. This is a hand me down used by my grandfather, father and I. Thanks for any help.

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The Marlin Model 1893 was the first rifle designed for the then new smokeless powder cartridges. It was chambered for the .25-36, .30-30, .32 Special, .32-40, and .38-55. It was offered standard with either a round or octagonal barrel in lengths 24" to 32"...also standard were the buckhorn rear and blade front sights. The receiver, lever, hammer, and buttplate were case colored, with the rest being blued. The stock is varnished walnut.

As far as dates of production, my book tells me only this:

Antique Production ( Pre-1898 )


Modern Production ( 1899-1935 )


SOURCE: The 2011 GUN DIGEST Book of Guns & Prices ( 6th Edition ) Page# 597


Side note:

The Model 1891 was manufactured between 1881-1897 (approx 18,650)

The Model 1892 was manufactured between 1895-1916 ( approx 45,000)

The Model 1893 had none of the above info included in the book... Hope this helps !!
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Thanks for the info 1894 !!
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