I should say hello as I've already posted twice

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by frgood, Sep 11, 2014.

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    Hello all.

    I am Fred from Orlando. Like many, I have childhood memories of Chuck Conner's ingrained. This leads me here to this meeting.

    I currently own two and one half 336's. My first bought last year and used during my first (and future) hunt trip. I am looking forward to hog and deer in my future. My second was a 1971 336 that needed only a little cleaning and oil. This weekend, well see how it shoots. (if my new iron sights arrive this afternoon).

    The third, is a 1971 I picked up for a couple hundred that was full of dried mud, good spots of rust, but not too much pitting. It is destined to become my project gun with some cerakote and other futzing experiments.

    While I'm partial to iron sights, particularly Skinner's, I have recently purchased a Leupold VX Hog 1-4 20mm as an act of curiosity.

    To be fair. I also have a Mossberg 464 SPX. I bought it for my sons for the hunt trip but have fallen in love with it. To me it is Chuck Connor meet the 21st century. Let the American history continue. (except for that damn lever not locking - sigh).

    Anyway. Hello All.
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    Hey Mon! Thanks for the intro and opinions. Welcome to the Forum.

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    Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here.
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    Welcome aboard. Jump right in and join the festivities.
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    Welcome from Louisiana!!!!
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    Welcome to Marlin Forum
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    Welcome to the Marlin Forum !
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    Sounds like you have a bit of info you can pass around. I for one don't know squat and came here to learn from the seasoned group. Welcome to this other kind of shooting range.
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    I am by no means experienced. I'm learning now and am posting up some of my biggest blunders from this past weekend. I see so many stories of great things. I thought my screw ups might be a little entertaining and hopefully the resulting discussion will help me learn something.
    This past weeks fiasco of soaking parts for nearly a week in vinegar has left me with a pile of 'I don't know' and some sole searching as I think I might have thrown away $200.
    Next time I buy a used 336, I've learned a little more of what to look for.
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    I used vinegar to soak my old revolver in to remove the bluing that was barely there. I soaked it in pan of vinegar for maybe 10 minutes and then used a tooth brush to lightly scrub the gun while it was still in the vinegar. I was surprised how quickly the old blue came off. 1/2 hour and I had gun totally stripped. Next comes the re-bluing. I am going to use Van's for the re-bluing.