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    I am getting back into shooting after a long hiatus. Recently inherited several antique pistols and getting out and shooting them also made me get out and shoot the rifles I have had for awhile.

    One of the guns I didn't get was a Marlin 1892 in .22 caliber. A gun I admired for many years but never got to shoot. So now I am looking for a lever action to do some plinking with since all I have are single shot .22 rifles. I know that another 1892 is out of my league price wise and I also want something I am not afraid to damage. Wanting to keep the price around $300 which I am finding is really limiting except maybe to buy a Henry. Intrigued by the Marlin 56 and 57 but a 39A would be good too.
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    Welcome to the Marlin Forum and welcome back to the joys of shooting. Glad to have you with us.
    I think you'll like it here. We're a pretty friendly group.
    And; nothing wrong with a Henry.

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    Welcome to the forum
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    I have both a 56 and a 39A. The 56 is the first rifle I ever shot and one of my more accurate Marlins, it's always had a 4x scope on it and wears one now. They are hard to find and I've only ever seen 1 other for sale at $350. Original 7 round magazines are nearly impossible to find, but there are 10 round ones available, but they are $25 plus shipping. The short throw "Levermatic" is wonderful to shoot! I don't even have to take my thumb off the tang to cycle the action.

    I recently acquired a 39A from 1979 and I need to change the sights, I can't see the factory sights. I plan on Slinners but need to build up the disposable cash, $80-$85 or so shipped for the rear and a taller front insert. I got the rifle for $470 and thought it was an okay deal, based on the design features I wanted, no tapered round barrel and narrow fore arm, not the "perch belly" style.

    I hope you can find a nice 56 or 39A for $300, but I'm just being realistic, you may be looking a while, which you acknowledge.

    For plinking, there are always Marlin 60's available and can be picked up for $100. No matter what is wrong with it, a model 60 can be fixed and made pretty. I prefer the '84-'89 years wi the long mag tube and last shot hold open feature.

    I do prefer the detachable magazines to the tube fed and the rifle I'm shooting the most right now is a Marlin 60 barrel and receiver merged with a Marlin 995 action, stock and trigger. It has tech sights on it.

    Good luck in your search and let us know what you end up with,
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    welcome from Wa state soccernut
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    Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum Soccernut !!

    Thanks for joining our community............
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    I ended up buying a JC Higgins 46 (Marlin 56) with a Ted Williams 4x scope. Nice setup. Really fun to shoot.

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