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ICD or Pacemaker

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Does anyone here have or know of anyone that has a ICD(defibrillator)?

If so, is it ok to shoulder a rifle with one of these devices?

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Hey ....just dude.;)


What can I help ya with?
Maybe I can answer your questions , maybe not, I for sure wont lead ya wrong with BS.

Ive had my implant about 2 years , and I have a little experience shooting and other stuff they put them CYA warnings on.;):)

You say your healing....
But you say they didn't put in an ICD implant yet.

I'm confused.

Anyway I'm naturally right handed,
They implanted my defib, in my left chest/shoulder , about 3" below the collar bone.

I can shoot , have shot, anything I want to.
I shoot a lot of big bore stuff , like 45-70, and some high power stuff ,like, 300 Winmag. Never had a problem.

Only off the right shoulder, never a problem.

I forgot about it last year , and was shooting 12 ga off bthe left shoulder with no problem,

I shoot very heavy recoil handguns, 460 magnum, S&W 50 cal, 44 mag....and very vicious recoil 50 cal black powder pistols.
Never have had a problem.

The doctor tells me not to use a chainsaw, weedeater, anything that creates EMF. . I do, (with heavy leather gloves to dampen the vibes). Never had a problem in 2 years. I heat with wood :).

Mine is a Medtronics , and the Mfg Tech told me, (under the table) not to worry , because mine is programmed to ignore the vibrations.

Without my Defib, I would have a 5% chance to survive a bad arrhythmia , with it I have a 95% chance.

I cant stop completely living.

All this being said you need to have a heart to heart talk with your Doctors, and if possible , a closed door discussion with the Mfg Technician.

Any questions , and Ill try to help.

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The procedure , is really not bad, sore for a couple weeks, Takes a while to get use to it being there.
No reaching, stretching lifting for about 6 weeks .

The new Medtronics Defibs , also do paceing if needed.
Mostly the defibs are for shocking the heart, to get it back into rhythm .

These new devices are VERY high tech.
They are wifi, to a receiver that' sends everything your heart is doing , anytime your within 12 ft of the receiver to a data center.

Batteries are good for up to 12 years , depending on how much it gets activated of course.
Mine has never been activated.

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1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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