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ICD or Pacemaker

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Does anyone here have or know of anyone that has a ICD(defibrillator)?

If so, is it ok to shoulder a rifle with one of these devices?

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Yes Im going buy the doctors advice my cardiologist, but she might also be a antigunner and even say no to a pellet gun.
I just want to hear different peoples experience.
Thanks for the replies
This is probably the wrong place to be asking.
Hi Jim waiting and healing.They didn't want to place a Pacemaker just yet or ICD.
I'm right handed and I guess they place the on the left. If your left handed you can
them put in on the right.

When I said I'm healing, they did a cardio version and want to wait 4 weeks.
I should have made that clear.
I was trying to find opinions of what to expect before they cut. and place one under my flesh.
At first they said that a pacemaker wouldn't work so I guess I'm confused.LOL

Thank You Phideaux
Thank You Phideaux

1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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