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Share your thoughts and techniques for long term ammo storage.
Here are some of my thoughts.
I use 30 cal. & 50 cal. military ammo cans with a good seal.
Desiccant bags about the size of small bean bag are excellent. These can be found in shipping containers that are shipped by boat from across the pond or in electronics like TVs.
A good substitute for the desiccant bags are the chemical hand warmers. They work by burning up oxygen thus preventing oxidation.
If the container has a good seal, you can light a tea candle and place it in the ammo cap before you close it. The candle will go out when the oxygen is depleted, again, preventing oxidation.
I have heard and believe that freezing will have a negative affect the powder. Store in a location with moderate temperatures year around. Avoid freezing.
Then there is the military ammo in the "spam cans". Just leave it sealed until you need it.
For reloaded ammo, avoid storing it in plastic bags. Plastic attracts moisture, so they say. Must be why military ammo is sometimes packed in a cardboard box or wrapped in wax paper.

Any additional ideas or suggestions????

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I suck 'em down in HD Ary Vac bags on the Cabela's commercial unit. Can't draw 'em down too tight for risk of creating a puncture risk in case they're jostled a bit too hard in a .30 or .50 cal G I ammo can. Must not be as smart as you about the desiccant packs. Great idea to add for any long-term, sealed storage of any metal that will corrode/oxide beyond intended us and for dried foods, too! Learned that the hard way with some jerky that I didn't toss into the freezer after vacuum bagging. Got a bit strong...waste of good meat.

You can buy tiny desiccant pouches up to some fairly high cubic inch capable ones from almost any bulk food or these days "Survivalist" sites. Food service vendors are cheaper.

Thanks for making us think Grey:)
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