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Identification Request from a newbie

I am a new 336 owner (a little over a year).

Last year I bought, new, a 336W. It was my first lever action and I don't care what all everyone is going on about. There is too much passion for the lever action for manufacturing drama.

With that all said, That rifle took my first hog in one shot on my first hunting trip this past spring. So We are now bonded. despite the stock is 1/16" short and the forearm doesn't quite match up. It is mine and it is fine.

Now, onto my question.
I have since purchased two more 336's from auction. They are a 1971 and a 1973 336. Both need some cleaning up. the 1973 has some rust and is now resting in a jar of vinegar (thank you Numrich for parts).

I cannot find a proper description of which model. Both simply read 336 on the barrel. I see references to C, RC, CS, etc. When I look at the diagram on Numrich my '336' parts do not match up exactly. Sometimes it seems more like a 'C'. For example the 1971 has the sling mount screwed into the bottom of the band on the Forearm. In contrast, the 1973 has no opening on the band and the front sling mount is a c-clamp tightened directly to the magazine.

Is this a matter of personal changes previous owners have made to their rifles?
is there a write-up on a plain '336' made during the 70's?


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First and foremost; Welcome to the Forum.
I'm not an expert on the model 336. I've owned several over the years but haven't researched their history. I've just taken great pleasure in owning and shooting them.
However, I do have a Blue Book of Gun Values that gives a pretty expansive description of the various models.
I currently own a "336" that was made in 1981. In actuality, it is a 336T but is not marked as such. It has the straight stock with the squared lever. Also has the 18 1/2" barrel and the premium wood (I'm thinking it's curly maple). According to the book; The 336T was manufactured from 1954 - 1983. They were made with a saddle ring from 1965 - 1971 only.
It does not have the cross bolt safety like the 336TS that was manufactured from 1984 - 1987.
There are so many variations to the 336 over the years that my simple mind can't keep them all straight.
My thoughts are; Love it, shoot it and pass it on to your kids.

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So if I understand the 336 history. It is safe to say that there is a model 336 (without any qualifier). Is it safe to say that this base model may change from year to year?
Yeah pretty much..... the 336 carbine with a 20in barrel with the mag tube extending all of the way to the end was basically the same for a long time. They also had a pistol grip butt stock as well. There are a few minor differences in different production years, but basically the same rifle. Hope this helps for you.
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