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First and foremost; Welcome to the Forum.
I'm not an expert on the model 336. I've owned several over the years but haven't researched their history. I've just taken great pleasure in owning and shooting them.
However, I do have a Blue Book of Gun Values that gives a pretty expansive description of the various models.
I currently own a "336" that was made in 1981. In actuality, it is a 336T but is not marked as such. It has the straight stock with the squared lever. Also has the 18 1/2" barrel and the premium wood (I'm thinking it's curly maple). According to the book; The 336T was manufactured from 1954 - 1983. They were made with a saddle ring from 1965 - 1971 only.
It does not have the cross bolt safety like the 336TS that was manufactured from 1984 - 1987.
There are so many variations to the 336 over the years that my simple mind can't keep them all straight.
My thoughts are; Love it, shoot it and pass it on to your kids.
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