ILL. Approves Concealed Carry !!!

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by SWO1, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. SWO1

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  2. Gumpy

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    I wonder if Obama has made some normally mellow people angry. What with his ramrod technique of trying to force his agenda on people. I know I can't think of him without bile rising in my throat.

  3. SWO1

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    As things look it will be into next year until the good people of ILL. EVER see a CCW. Question from the rest of us now is will they honor any other states CCW or will a lot of us continue to avoid travel to or thru that state. There are currently 12 States that refuse me the right to Self Protection of myself and my Family.
  4. SHOOTER13

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    109 rush out and get a CCW permit before Obama gets back from the golf course and repeals it...!!
  5. squirrelhunter

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    Glad to see it.Maybe in years to come they will get Politicians that will loosen up the laws even more,more like Indiana.I know,that's wishful thinking :rolleyes:.