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That would be great! I wish they'd add "Stand Your Ground" laws to it, or at least remove the duty to retreat... Castle Doctrine is OK, but I feel the duty to retreat is a small loophole that could be possibly used against you if you had an opening but didn't see it in time...

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I lean towards state sovereignty over a Big Federal Govn.
Sometimes the State gets it wrong as well. Examples, NY, NJ, Il, Ca.

Here is some info regarding Constitutional Carry States.
States planning to introduce
or that have already introduced
Constitutional Carry laws in their legislatures:

Indiana • Iowa • Maine • Montana • Nevada • Ohio
Rhode Island • South Carolina • Texas • Utah • Virginia • Wisconsin

Vermont has had Constitutional Carry since the nation's founding in 1791--
they never enacted any law banning the right to discreetly bear arms.​
Montana enacted Constitutional Carry in 1991, for all areas
outside city limits (99.4% of the state), and is working on the rest.​
Alaska enacted Constitutional Carry in 2003.​
Texas enacted Constitutional Carry "light" in 2007
as the "Motorist Protection Act," freeing people to carry in their vehicles,
and to and from their vehicles and their homes, land or business.​
Arizona got full Constitutional Carry in 2010,
and the sky has not fallen, despite desperate fears to the contrary.​
Wyoming enacted Constitutional Carry for residents in 2011.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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