Improved sights for a new to me 336A

Discussion in 'Lever Action' started by NEOHunter, Dec 21, 2013.

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    I just purchased a like new pre remington buy out 336A at a pretty good price on gunbroker. I have always wanted a 30-30 lever gun and I am very happy with this rifle. The one thing I wouldn't mind upgrading would be the front sight. I think I am not going to scope it and keep it close to factory condition with open sights. The rifle shoots well with the current factory sights but I would like the front sight to be a little more visible and I wouldn't be against it glowing in the dark for improved low light condition shooting. If anyone has any recommendations on a sight upgrade it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and Happy Holidays.
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    Fire Sights

    Hi Viz Fire Sights, I think they are made by Williams, check Midway, or Brownell's. Good Luck.

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    I bought a set of Ghost Ring Sights for my 336CS but I wasn't impressed. I felt that the rear aperture was too large and the front post was pretty wide. Also felt that the rear sight adjustments was somewhat limited.
    With the failing eye sight in my right eye and being forced to learn how to shoot a rifle left handed, I may mount it on my 336T when spring gets here and I can test it at the range.
    Had I not spent the money already, I would look into the Williams Peep Sight.

    You could check the post by tahoe2.

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    Thanks for the responses. I am thinking of looking into the Williams peep sights. I have heard people like skinners too. I was looking at the ghost sights but am starting to lean away from those. Merry Christmas and thanks again.