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    Here is the skinny. I hope the voters support this.

    The two referendums, one in Alabama and the other in Mississippi, are designed to amend the respective state constitutions of each to preserve hunting and fishing as a basic right guaranteed by law should they receive the approval of voters. Doing so, proponents argue, will make it all that much harder to pass anti-gun legislation in those states in future years.
    “We’re hoping to send a message to the rest of the country that we are passionate about our hunting and fishing. We don’t want anybody dabbling with our sportsmen’s way of life,” Rep. Lester Carpenter, R-Burnsville, lead sponsor of the Mississippi proposal, told the Clarion Ledger.

    Here is the link.
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    You better believe we'll support it. That's how we feel! Maybe more gun makers will join Remington and come on down.

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    I definitely will be voting for that come Nov. 4.
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    They couldn't even fathom this here in Maryland. God Bless You Folks who live in free America.