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Discussion in 'Politics and Religion' started by greyhawk50, Jan 15, 2013.

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    According to Second Amendment Ohio and Freedom Outpost................

    Patriot Groups to burn Obama & Clinton in effigy. To take place in Gainesville Fla. on Jan. 19th.

    According to the Daily Caller...............
    GOP Congreessman from Texas threatens to begin impeachment proceeding if Obama passes gun control legislation by E.O.
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    That is fine. I'm OK with that.
    However, I have noticed that some topics under General Discussion, including this one, can only be viewed by members and only if they are logged in.
    Case in point is Spud9s post on Cold Bluing.
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    New Sheriff of Smith County Texas has his say:

    In other news: (I misread this first line. The date this was posted in the paper is 1/16; the date of the "Gun Appreciation Day" is 1/19/2013)

    I plan to attend if I can find a place to park.

    Tyler 'Gun appreciation' day slated Saturday, 1/19/2013

    Grassroots America – We the People will host local officials and legislators for a “gun appreciation” day event in support of Second Amendment efforts 10 a.m. Saturday at Lock and Load gun dealership.

    Speakers will include Grassroots America Executive Director JoAnn Fleming, Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith, state Sen. Kevin Eltife, R-Tyler, state Rep. Matt Schaefer, R-Tyler and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz's East Texas Director Jason Wright.

    Grassroots America invites like-minded Second Amendment supporters to gather at the dealership to hear from local elected officials about gun control efforts and pick up a copy of the Constitution. The group will then visit Lone Star Gun Show at Harvey Convention Center.
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    There are many ways to voice an opinion and a radical act like that is not one of 'em. Hanging someone in effigy could get the anti-gun crowd to ban ropes also, and then they would not have anything with which to hang themselves.:rolleyes: As it is, if they do manage to take away our guns, our best method of self protection, then they will sooner or later fall on their own sword. The clichés could go on forever, but banning our guns is no joke. History has proven this country has stayed free because WE THE PEOPLE defend one another.