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    My LGS took this one in on a buyout of a gun collection. It's a 1939 Iver Johnson 3", 5 shot, .32 S&W top break revolver. Nickel Steel with hard rubber grips. I know....What good is a .32.....guess you could ask President McKinley or Robert Kennedy as they both were killed with a .32 (both Iver Johnsons) along with 10s of thousands of others over the years.

    I really don't have a whole lot of interest in this one but for the price ($119) if its still there down the road, MAYBE. Lee has the dies, as the factory ammo is high. I can take .32 long brass and trim it down to reload.

    This one is no longer shiney but that old patina of nickel steel with "0" rust and no pitting. Might be fun to shoot. Does anyone has a .32 ?? I have never shot one but my understanding is they have little or NO recoil. The one in the shop is identical to the Pic.

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    Wow!! It would go good with my Ivers Johnson 16gauge shotgun. lol

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    I've owned a couple over the years. Like you say, the ammo is pricy.
    A couple things to beware of;

    a. You may get so much invested it the pistol, a box or two of ammo, the dies and such that getting your money back will be impossible if you decide to move it on some day.

    b. Those old 32 S&W's are known for poor cylinder to bore alignment and/or poor cylinder lock up. They have a habit of shaving lead. Not a good thing if'n there is someone standing near by.

    Just my 2 cents.