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DAMN GOOD READ. Plausible...definitely. Carter "begging" for Putin's assistance to rid the USA of the resident in OUR White House...very believable. That active duty Flag Officer's "misappropriated" a US military aircraft and went to Russia...that took some guts to honor their Oath and support the US Constitutional directives. SOMEONE has bound to let that cat out of a bag! Gen Powell, too...maybe there is hope as well as an explanation as to why he left the political lime light rather suddenly.

DO NOT TRAVEL order from the Swiss...let me see it through official channels. I'll skip just about everything else and hit the bench full-time to increase stores if the S is gonna HTF! I'll run this link by some others I know with wider connections and see if they've heard anything about it. If there's other input supporting this series of articles...I'll be back to post it here. If you don't see my return entry...nothing substantiated and idle until ??? -Spoon-
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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