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Introduction/Teaching Rifle

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Here is my little Henry "Mini Bolt". Got it when my first grandson started to learn about guns and shooting. Served both grandson well and now my 8 yr old grandaughter is learning on it.

It is stainless....with composite stock. Weights about 2.5 lbs. 16.25" bbl. Has a slide positive saftey plus have to cock the bolt by pulling it rearward. Single Shot. Fires .22 lr, ls, and s. Comes with Williams fiber optic sights and can be drilled and tapped for scope using Henry cantaleavered rail.'

Nice shooting rifle, and accurate. Stock with a 3 lb. Trigger. Option is to mount the ole 24X on it ......whatta ya think..................:p


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SWO1 Great concept
I was thinking of doing a similar thing with a 10 y.o. grandson, who has Ashpergers Syndrome., a form of ADD
I HAVE DONE THIS TO INSPIRE HIM, and to he thin to aim for something.

I can get him a Junior Permit at 12 y.o., but only if he wants to !
Maybe he will he handed a .22 Marlin Rimfire, to be kept at Poppy's place
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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