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Introduction/Teaching Rifle

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Here is my little Henry "Mini Bolt". Got it when my first grandson started to learn about guns and shooting. Served both grandson well and now my 8 yr old grandaughter is learning on it.

It is stainless....with composite stock. Weights about 2.5 lbs. 16.25" bbl. Has a slide positive saftey plus have to cock the bolt by pulling it rearward. Single Shot. Fires .22 lr, ls, and s. Comes with Williams fiber optic sights and can be drilled and tapped for scope using Henry cantaleavered rail.'

Nice shooting rifle, and accurate. Stock with a 3 lb. Trigger. Option is to mount the ole 24X on it ......whatta ya think..................:p


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Very nice !!! ( well except that big carry handle looks kinda funny ;) )
Perfect for getting beginners young and older started !!!!!
LOL.....I just sat the scope on it for the Pic.....just for grins. The gun isnt even drilled or tapped.
Do you know what the LOP is on that rifle?

It's 11.5" Windy
Of the two Windy, The youth model Lever Henry has a 13" LOP, the barrell is 16.125" long and it weighs in at about 4.5 lbs. It only comes blued but has a walnut stock. I have the full sized one and they are nice rifles.

Price on the Mini Bolt....MSRP.....$250, Youth Lever......$350

Just my opinion but I think you would get more for your money in the Lever Action.

If you were closer you would be more than welcome to shoot mine.........:)
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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