Is marlin closing 4 good?

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    Has anyone heard this rumor? Brother-in-law sent this article dated 28 August 2012 he came across today:

    Is this just another UGLEEE rumor or ??? It sounds a lot like speculation since the author based it (from his text) primarily on Soros' ownership of Freedom Group. It's a bit old to have sailed for over 4 months without notice. These days, we need to CONFIRM or DENY unequivocally, all such reports.

    I'd find it difficult to believe, but wholly plausible. Thanks for your inputs.

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    Don't remember where...

    I have heard it said many times...gun control is not about is about control. IMHO...they want our guns so we cant fight back.

    Cant remember where I heard this rumor concerning Soros but it was not recently. I did hear it but not knowing really how to verify it I decided to just wait and see, and if I have the money, buy all I can before they're all gone. If it is not true then I will have all those extra beauties just laying around waiting to be used...lovingly of course. If it is true then I will have hopefully made wise investments. I am one of those guys though who only keep guns that I use. I now have 3 handguns, 5 rifles (2 Black Powder), 1 30-30 Marlin 336W, and 2 22's, one Marlin 60 and a Savage Mark II FV. I have a New Model Blackhawk in 45 LC/45ACP and a Beretta Neos 22. My shotgun is a Charles Daly 20ga Pump which I fitted with a Poly Choke. I also have a Hi Point 9mm pistol, and I will defy anyone who says they are total junk. Mine has been excellent and even handles my hand loads well.

    As far as I am concerned, we may not be able to keep them A-holes from screwin us out of our guns but I can sure enjoy them until I have to give them up. I will make sure I always have Black Powder guns too because I doubt they will be able to regulate them. Though they aren't fast shooters, they are deadly for all my hunting needs, both handgun as well as rifles.
    If nothing else, there are some pretty hard shooting large caliber airguns out there. I had a Sam Yang 45 cal PCP but had to sell it. I know it will kill deer sized game.

    I use my guns for hunting and target...informal. If I lose them I will find another way to hunt. I will miss em, but I will get by.

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    If they did close then we would be a very exclusive club us Marlin owners, especially the JM stamps
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    hombre - You’re telling me you would surrender your firearms simply because a bunch of well-intentioned, but totally wrong and UNLAWFUL group decided to change the U.S. Constitution to fit their agenda? I don't mean to step on more toes than I normally do in matters of grave import, but everyone must understand the Founders placed the 2nd Amendment where it's at to prevent tyranny! "...shall not be infringed." is rock solid in meaning without room for loose interpretations. I'd suggest everyone do some soul searching about what they will do with the wolf at the door and also that you visit actual US History for a re-read to garner a full understanding of what is at risk should the 2nd be subverted.

    ANY WAY - Back to the QUESTION...We need to ensure that all such "rumors" relating to availability/selection of arms and ammo is nailed down as T or F and disseminated to the general public. Misinformation (a tactic of the left aided by the MSM) is a large portion of what has degraded the moral fiber of this Republic, coupled with sheepish apathy by figuring someone else will "handle it" or that "it will never happen.

    I'll keep digging for the answer in the meantime.
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    I don't know who that guy is who posted on the website that link is for but it is false. This rumor has been going around for a few years. The NRA even investigated it and found it totally false. We've rehashed this many times over the past three years on several forums. It's such a popular rumor several of the urban legend websites have it listed.
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    I have a higher authority


    And for what it is worth...I refuse to state any particular position concerning political matters on an open forum. To do so would be dangerous and stupid considering the times we are in.
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    Now is the time to voice your opinion Especially on an open forum
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    A Letter Regarding Gun Control

    Every one of us needs to speak up loudly and with courage. This will let the leaders and everyone in the country know who we are and how many we are, not to intimidate, only to inform. We have been silent for too long. The liars and manipulators are winning because we have done nothing openly and public. Spread the word; we are not the cause of gun violence.

    I am one of over 100 million gun owning, Americans and we are disgusted at the manner in which some elected leaders are lying to, and manipulating the public into thinking disarming the public will cease the actions of criminals. I believe in the Second Amendment, and the First Amendment ensures that I can write this letter without fear of reprisal.
    Anti-gun legislation only affects law abiding gun owners, it does not affect the criminals who obtain and use their weapons illegally, generating horrific numbers of violent gun crimes. It is the criminals who should have the weight of the law moved against them, not the law abiding gun owners.
    There will always be deranged, criminally minded people who resort to violence to solve their problems. Legislation will never stop that, and there aren’t enough police officers to subdue the crime ridden inner cities. It is never publicly stated that the majority of gun violence is committed by a small minority of criminals, who live their lives steeped in crime, turmoil and violence. We 100 million, own firearms for target shooting, hunting, personal andhome defense, collecting, and in the event a militia is needed for the defense ofthe USA.

    Senator Feinstein was lying to Americans on CNN. The following was written in transcript: "Feinstein also suggested she has no intention to take up the NRA’s proposal of armedguards in schools, saying it “isn’t really the whole answer.”

    Read the January 28th Huff Post about semi auto rifles in California schools.
    Retrieved from:

    Senator Feinstein also stated that a study involving 50,000 people had been conducted about gun ownership, and the results showed that 68% claimed they did not want semi-automatic guns in the hands of civilians. I believe the results would show that most of the semi-automatic weapon owners are ex-military, with the experience and knowledge to handle the weapon.
    I had never heard of Senator Feinstein’s study, and I believe that she is publicly lying, and using the media to 'bulldoze' her personal agenda on to the public. Her attempts to nullify the 2nd Amendment are unconstitutional. Her actions are not in the public interest, only her own. Just because mentally disturbed people committed atrocities does not constitute a trend within the general public. There is a constant barrage of gunfire in the ghettos, and this does not mean that millions of Americans are responsible for the criminal acts of a minority. Gang members should not be held up as representatives of Americans, unfortunately it does give Senator Feinstein and her ilk fuel for an agenda of disarmament by subterfuge. Senator Feinstein should resign from office because she does not represent America or the people.

    When two New York City police officers fired their guns wildly in the street trying to hit a criminal gunman, Mayor Bloomberg twisted the act away from the irresponsible actions of the police, and stated that this was an example of the gun violence in this country that everyone was tired of.

    MayorBloomberg has personal armed guards for his safety while rest of the civilian population, have only ourselves to rely on. According to the PJTatler, (01/28/2013), “New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg refused to disarm his security detail in the interests of gun control.” (Retrieved from:

    There seems to be two sets of rules in theUSA, one for those in power and another set for those with no power. This concept will be cemented into place if the heart of the Second Amendment is destroyed. The armed American civilian population is obviously disquieting to those who require absolute power without restriction. The leaders in this country who advocate disarming the civilian population do not advertise the fact that they have personal armed security, while publicly denouncing civilian gun ownership.

    The absolute tragedy of Sandy Hook is being exploited by the experienced and seasoned gun control advocates, as they do after every tragedy involving guns.
    The meaning of the 2nd Amendment is to provide for a militia. A militia is only as good as its equipment. This directs that modern weapons are necessary in the hands of the civilian population. There are hundreds of thousands of semi-automatic weapons owned by civilian Americans, who are ready, willing and able to defend the USA, with guns and ammunition paid for by themselves. The Governmentof the USA has been not been financially responsible for the provision of this militia. It is the fact of civilian armament that diminishes the potential for invasion of this country.
    Tyranny can arise insidiously and unannounced at any time, or an invasion can occur from anywhere. Therefore a militia will be needed. The Constitution and Amendments are in place to ensure the political health of the American people.

    The tragedy of Sandy Hook is a new test of the sanctity of the established legislation. Legislation will always be circumvented by individuals bent on their own agenda. I am convinced that a person determined to wreak havoc will find the best means available. Poison, biological agents or homemade bombs have proven to be effective in the past, and will be in the future. Life is very hard and not without constant risk. No matter what we do to make life Utopian, there is always the strong possibility that someone, somewhere will wreak havoc, and cause multiple deaths.
    There is no answer to insanity. The act committed by Adam Lanza was committed by him, not the weapon. The media and certain legislators have concentrated on the weapon, not the monster who committed the act. Each time, that an atrocity of the Adam Lanza and James Holmes nature is committed; the media immediately concentrates on the weapons used, and delegates the act itself and the perpetrator to a secondary position in the eyes of the public. This is manipulation of the people through the media for an agenda of civilian disarmament.
    Yes the act was atrocious, yes it should never have happened, and yes it should not happen again, but emotionally charged legislation is a ‘knee jerk’ reaction to a problem caused by the very few, and should not affect the vast majority of Americans. Negotiating away our Constitutional right to bear arms will be everlasting and detrimental to the people of the USA.

    It could be classed at vigilantism, but if the authorities requested volunteers to work as legal deputies to clean up the ghettos, arrest weapon carrying felons, and attempt to break the gangs and a rising cartels, there are many who would volunteer gladly for this task.

    The campaign against the so-called loophole of gun shows is a waste of taxpayers’ money and elected leaders time. People at gun shows are very circumspect as to who they sell guns to. Also, the number of guns sold without a background check at a gun show, called a private sale, is minute. Criminals do not buy their weapons at gun shows, they probably wouldn’t even be allowed in. All official gun dealers at gun shows perform background checks on all buyers.

    According to a report by the U.S. Department of Justice the so-called "Assault Weapons Ban," which restricted the sale of semiautomatic rifles and limited magazine capacity to ten rounds, for a decade, did not reduce crime. Since the expiration of the ban in 2004, violent crime has declined with gun ownership increasing.

    The focus of the elected leaders should be on rounding up known drug dealers and common criminals who indulge themselves with drive-by shootings that often result in indiscriminate killings. Strengthening mental health care for those who need it and improving the quality of data supporting the National Instant Criminal BackgroundCheck System (NICS). The NICS is excellent as it stands, but is not supplied with confidential medical information regarding the mental health status of every individual in the USA, it is supplied with only criminal, or the lack of criminal information about a person.
    Do not pass laws restricting guns or magazine capacity, instead, work to enforce the gun laws already in place and increase prosecution of criminals who commit violence and misuse firearms.

    Many of the people in the USA who had been undecided about gun ownership have recently decided that they want to own guns. Our society is becoming safer because of personal gunownership; the FBI statistics show that.
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    Well stated!