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Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by Shooter, May 16, 2012.

  1. Shooter

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    We're all in different places.

    What issues are threatening your 2nd Amendment right?

    In Texas we don't really have to many issues. Everyone seems very pro 2nd.
  2. axxe55

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    well Austin, you know i am in Texas also, so i pretty much agree. Texas is pretty decent in regards to 2nd admendment rights. not perfect, but much better than some. i wish we had the option of open carry here though.

  3. SHOOTER13

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    Pennsylvania is one of the most gun friendly states in the union...and I'm surrounded by unfriendly gun states like NJ, NY, and MD.

    The Uniform Firearms Act (UFA) is a set of statutes in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that defines the limits of Section 21 of the Pennsylvania Constitution, the right to bear arms, which predates the United States Constitution and reads: "The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned." The laws range in scope from use of force in self-defense situations, to specific categories citizens that are ineligible to purchase or possess firearms.

    UFA for Pennsylvania is generally a more liberal interpretation of the Right to Bear Arms, in that it does not prohibit the sale and transfer of Class III NFA firearms, contains no duty for a citizen lawfully carrying a weapon to notify law enforcement, and mandates shall-issue licenses to carry firearms to eligible citizens.
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  4. 1894

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    Nothing new here in NY State . Same old same old chit :rolleyes:

  5. Riverrat47

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    Michigan is an open carry state, and my neighbor is the chief of police. I don't think right now I would press the law by walking through town with a big iron on my hip. Maybe in a couple of years though????
  6. Shooter

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    Wow. No real issues?

    The media would have us all believe otherwise.
  7. duster066

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    WA is a huge surprise for me. This is the most gun friendly state, except maybe Idaho, I've ever lived in. The second amendment is strengthened and etched in stone in the state Constitution.
  8. Shooter

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    Wow, that's great to hear.
  9. wjjones

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    Yep the media does that very well, and wishes we would believe even half of the BS they are shoveling.
  10. axxe55

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    the media will try to spoonfeed us whatever they think we will believe! even if it is only half the truth or complete lies.
  11. 28Shooter

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    Here in Maryland, I think we're trying to become the most unfriendly state in the Union when it comes to gun ownership. We have a 7-10 day waiting period for handguns and "regulated rifles" (basically ARs), concealed carry by permit-which are virtually impossible to get, and a very liberal Democrat-controlled state legislature and governor. We're fighting to become a "shall issue" state but I'm not to confident that I'll see it in my lifetime.
  12. greyhawk50

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    Ohio is an open carry state but just because we can doesn't make it advisable. It is pretty easy to get a CHL. Just 8 hours class and 4 hours range qualifications. CHL waiting period is 45 days max but seldom takes that long.
    I'm not up on all of the details but I have it from a good source that a hunting firearm related offense with a CHL is a felony while as a non-CHL holder, it's a misdemeanor. Double standard from the ODNR that would take away the right to own all together.
    My opinion of "can not be infringed" means anytime, anywhere, permits not required. But that's just me.
    Meanwhile, I do my best to obey the laws.
  13. sandlynx

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    As one other person said, Michigan is an open carry state, but don't really try to exercise this "right" as it will result in responses you don't want to deal with. Here in Lansing, the Open Carry Assoc members tried to open carry in a library and created a major uproar. They were afraid anyone open carrying would terrify the "children" (that's both young and old "children"). Now, you can't carry at this library. What crap!
    The PTB have done a fine job of brain-washing the public into being afraid of weapons of any kind.
    There are other examples of people trying to open carry in MI and always have trouble because of it.
    Back in the "old days" the need to carry a weapon was a necessity. Personally that necessity has not changed; only the political environment has.
    People need to become desensitized about weapons and recognize them as tools that save lives (which they do).
    But, I think the climate in Michigan is improving in terms of weapons. They are considering getting rid of the "Pistol Free Zones" and we who have CPLs can once again carry in all areas to protect ourselves and others around us who are too stupid to pick up on the message that it's dangerous in certain areas and walking around without protection is stupid.
  14. Bobshouse

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    Here in California....well, enough said.

    Latest thing to hit is a bill that will outlaw all "assault rifles" in the know the black rifles. They found away around the initial ban by installing "bullet buttons" but now they want to outlaw the modifications.
  15. SWO1

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    In Missouri we have excellent gun laws.

    Concealed carry permits are good for 5 years and cost varies from county/city. My county cost is $20 for initial ( + $5 for the sheriff to fingerprint you, one time cost) and for reissue. CC permit is issued by the DMV. It can either be annotated on your Drivers lisence or issued seperately. Most opt for the seperate issue. NO requirement to inform anyone (including law inforcement (unless they ask) if you carry. Of course if stopped on the road and they run a DMV CHECK it probley gonna show up you have a brainer. Once your fingerprint is verified and federal check comes back (about 5-10 days) state law requires your certificate to optain a CC permit MUST be issued to you within 3 days. take that and you $ to the DMV and its yours. They dont care what or how many you carry, or where (person, car, boat, horse or in the case around here mule) . We also have open carry.

    Of course we also have those establishments that post the NO CONCEALED WEAPONS or NO WEAPONS signs. I also support those. Its their property and business just like my property and home is. There are some peope I know that carry that I wont allow on or near my place Dont like it....dont go there.

    The NO CONCEALLED WEAPONS request violation is a misdomeaner (not a criminal violation) If you are detected they can ask you to leave or deny entrance. If you refuse you can be fined and or lose your permit. The only criminal violation is carrying on PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION....and thats a federal crime.

    Missouri also has the CASTLE law. As far as I know no one around here as been convicted of commiting a crime coupled with a CC permit. There have been some bad guys and gals that have suffered great boddly harm by lawful citizens that have availed themselfs of it....and well deserved.

    I travel from Missouri to Tenn, VA, and NC and go 100 to 200 miles out of my way to avoid the SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF ILLIONIS. I refuse to set foot there.
  16. Hyphenated

    Hyphenated Well-Known Member

    Overall MO is a pretty gun friendly state, as long as you are not in downtown St. Louis or Kansas City. Of course you will find the occasional sheriff who will try to write his own regulations when it comes to concealed carry. There have been a few lawsuits brought by SACMO ( Second Amendment Coalition of Missouri ) in some of those cases. Missouri is an open carry state, but there seems to be a patch work of laws by local municipalities that makes it kind of tricky. All the places I hunt the towns are little farming communities and nobody bats an eye if you are carrying open. Most of those farmers have a gun in their truck and tractor all the time.
  17. miles_fan

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    I'm in Northern CA and concealed carry is my concern. Getting a permit seems to be only or those who own jewelry stores or know sheriffs. I have a firearm kept safely for defense of my family at home, but my state thinks i should rely on understaffed police agencies as soon as we leave home. It would be reasonable to me to have to go to 8 hours of training course and certification on the range to get a permit, but it's not an option.

    I really don't know the rules about open carry locally, bit also don't care much. If I ever need my firearm, I don't want anyone to know its there until I have to use it. Otherwise, to me, it's like the insurance cards I carry in my wallet. Also, I'm not judging others who choose it as a way to voice their 2nd Amendment Rights protest, but I have seen and heard the wrong impact on our gun rights opponents. Instead, I quietly invite friends and colleagues to the range, where they have a good time and see dozens of responsible shooters and range operators.
  18. Windy

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    What issues affect my 2A rights? Come on..........I live in Illinois.

    I would love to conceal carry. I have a Sig P238 that is dying to spend quality time in it's Remora holster in my pocket. But she can't.
  19. CallMaker

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    WA is pretty good with "must issue" concealed pistol permits.

  20. cougar98332

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    strange, in wa you are allowed to carry a loaded concealed pistol on public transpo [bus, ferry, train] so long as you are in legal possession of a legal weapon and in possession of a current and valid Concealed Pistol License.