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I'm in Northern CA and concealed carry is my concern. Getting a permit seems to be only or those who own jewelry stores or know sheriffs. I have a firearm kept safely for defense of my family at home, but my state thinks i should rely on understaffed police agencies as soon as we leave home. It would be reasonable to me to have to go to 8 hours of training course and certification on the range to get a permit, but it's not an option.

I really don't know the rules about open carry locally, bit also don't care much. If I ever need my firearm, I don't want anyone to know its there until I have to use it. Otherwise, to me, it's like the insurance cards I carry in my wallet. Also, I'm not judging others who choose it as a way to voice their 2nd Amendment Rights protest, but I have seen and heard the wrong impact on our gun rights opponents. Instead, I quietly invite friends and colleagues to the range, where they have a good time and see dozens of responsible shooters and range operators.
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