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Davenport, Iowa

I live on the border (the Mississippi) in Iowa. Anti gun sentiment is not hidden here. I was homeless from 2001 until 2007 and I saw deep into the establishment here in Iowa. Anti gun sentiment is very deep. There are groups here who are actively antigun and because of their positiions in the society they get away with their trashy way of doing their supposed duty to rid the nation of all guns.

In Davenport Iowa where i now reside non-profit groups who run most of the homeless shelters and who feed the poor and elderly know there are a lot of people who rely on them for freebies. No one will look into their activities.

Homeless get free meals and free medical and free shelter. If they choose to participate, seniors get reduced price meals. These services are great but the hidden agenda is to trash anyone who does not adhere to their socialist philosophy. Most will harass and resort to character assassination to do everything they can to trash a life. One issue special to these people is gun control. The company I worked for actually ordered me to see a shrink because I carried a 3 1/2 inch belt knife. They said they were intimidated by me because I carried one. Prior to me eating the apple that exposed my dangerous weapon, no one seemed to notice it hanging there. It is half as wide as a cell phone but I was told they ALL thought it was my cell phone. BS! What is it with liberal wimmins and apples anyway?

After 5 1/2 years of harrassment I was forced to quit the job. I was not allowed to make a complaint. A company policy is that all grievances are handled internally. However, no one would allow me to make a complaint. But it was ok to harrass me and then write a complaint against me when I tried to defend myself. When I tried to seek outside help I was told I did not complete the grievance process internally. Vicious circle...I was not alloweed to complain but others were allowed to write complaints about me.

These people are entrenched with the mental health people. This is where their strength lies; mental health professionals. All that is necessary to relieve someone of their guns is to get 2 witnesses, real or false and have a person committed. It is highly practiced activity here. In order to get help from a homeless org here usually a person must be enrolled in a mental health program. if they are not enrolled, someone enrolls them...the hard way and there goes their gun rights.

Davenport Iowa is ANTI-GUN, highly prejudiced and extremely dictatorial and extremely devious in their methods. The groups I was involved with are catholic and luthern affiliated. These groups are also anti gay and active but sly in their pursuit to cleanse the city of gay people. (I do not support the gay agenda, but as with all freedoms, I believe everyone has a right to be left alone to believe as they believe)

The city is run by cowards and liars and I am a personal witness to it. It took me 5 years to get my gun rights back after lies were told and they committed me when I repeated, when asked, what it was that someone else said.

If anyone ever had a good excuse to bail, this is it. Davenport Iowa is a vicious city run by those radicals we have all read about.

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