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    I added another .22 pistol to the collection for use on the Bullseye course. It's a brand new H&R Mod. 999 Sportsman ( well as new as you can get ). According to the Ser. one of the last ones made, late 90's by H&R 1871. Produced after H&R shut down, reopened as 1871 when optained by Marlin. Then when Remington purchased Marlin Pistol production was shut down for good....:mad:. I understand they still have the equipment sitting there doing nothing.

    This one is in 95+ condition. Just a slight goober on the butt. Otherwise looks as though it has never been fired. H&R produced Target grips for all the earlier models except for the last runs. So I will be making my own, if I don't like the stock ones. Also I will have it drilled and tapped for a red dot.

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    That is a great revolver. I've been looking for one of those. May I ask how much it set you back??
    Congrats. Great find.

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    He wanted $ it for $400 OTD. Checking the H&R collector site new condition 999s go for $450-500. He took this one on trade on a High $$ Smith .357. He gave me a call and I ran over there and checked it out. He held it for me while I Came home and checked the sites and called him back and made the deal. Of course it all depends on the area and how bad someone wants one. My brother-in-law has an earlier model (1951) if I remember correctly. Probley about 70% condition. Shoots pretty good still. He gave $100 for it about 5 years ago.

    Now I'm on the lookout for a H&R single shot target pistol. Held the record ( have to check and see which one and if it still does). Don't know how rare they are or the $$$ they demand.

    The difference between Men and Boys are the Price of their Toys.......:D
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    Here is a pic of the H&R U.S.R.A. Single Shot Target Pistol along with a link to the story behind it. Very Interesting. IF anyone happens to come across one let me know, I would be very interested in obtaining it.

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    Tomorrow, Monday, the H&R 999 goes to the Smith to be drilled and tapped. I will put a rail on and can mount a red dot or scope. The iron sights although not bad don't do it justice for as good as it shoots, I'm a thinkin....:p

    From other sites others have used a Weaver Mod. 82 and it works well on it. Will go to Bass Pro Shop Smith. They charge $15 a hole for the work. The shop at the indoor range has a good selection of rails and sights.

    I have a BSA 2x6 PISTOL scope and several red dots and will see what works best.
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    Let us know how it works out...
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    That's a nice lookin' pistola! Good find, and good luck on your search!
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    Back from Bass Pro. Put the H&R 999 in for Drill & Tap and Rail install. It takes a Marlin 336 rail. Will Have it back in about 4 weeks. They are stacked up. $15 a hole ( 3 holes) plus $9 for the rail.

    Waiting for the smith talked to the range guy. They have a 6 lane 50' indoor pistol range (open to the public) and a 2 lane 50 yard rifle range. Next year will open a 22 lane new pistol range along with a 200 yard indoor rifle range and an INDOOR SKEET RANGE...:eek:

    Also checked the gun shop. Loaded with pistols and rifles. But....NO AMMO or reloading stuff....:( Had an entire rack of ARs...along with every make, caliber, auto, revolver in pistol.....even Desert Eagles. 45s from $350 to $2700. They were even out of primers today.

    Advice: If you ever visit the Main store in Springfield MO....Don't go on a weekend. Its like the Worlds Fair. A$$ Hole to Belly Button all day long. Monday Mornings are great. Very few people and you can find a parking spot. Its the largest attraction in the State of Missouri.....:cool: