It's odd the stuff you DO find...

Discussion in 'In Stock' started by beeroy, Mar 29, 2013.

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    A recent trip to one of the local Gander Mountain stores found .270 Winchester in several different loadings, likewise 7mm-08, 7mm Rem Mag and .17 HMR. My local Walmart also had .270.
    Any wild theories as to why you can find .270 and not much else?
    I like to think us .270 owners are smug enough to believe we don't NEED that much ammo, being such fine riflemen and all. LOL.
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    Since I like the .270 I'll's because we only need one bullet every deer season. :D I really did go hunting one year and only brought 5 rounds of ammo. I came home with 4 still in the box and a deer in my truck.

    I think the shortages are in the ammo that is for the most popular handguns and military style rifles. Finding any 9mm. 357mag. 45acp. .223 and 308win around here is tough. You can still find most hunting ammo.
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  3. beeroy

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    Trip to our local Big R store. This is a regional farm supply/hardware chain. All kinds of shotgun shells.
    Handgun Ammo: .500S&W(!), 44Mag, 327 Federal, 45ACP, 9mmP SHOTSHELLS(?), 32S&W Long, 41Mag, 460S&W. Interesting.
    Rifle Ammo: 7-08Rem, 300WinMag, 7mmRemMag, 220 Swift(!) 25-06,
    .270 WINCHESTER!