I've been busy up in the bush, getting "honked at"

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by Bucky, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Bucky

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    Trip #2 up the bush this year seen me busy as setting up camp on the second hunting trip. I struck up the fire about 3:30pm and 20 minutes later seen me heading off for a 10 minute drive, to walk into the Bush, and sit off a well used game trail, till well after dark.
    bugger me if 150 yards from camp, and the rifle in the canopy of the Toyota ute, there was a 3/4 grown stag staring at me.

    MMmmmmmmmmm !
    thinking how do I get the rifle out of the back, and it not "break".
    That never happened, I got busted as soon as I moved.

    Nothing came thru the game trail, and by 7pm I was back in camp (1/2 frozen as the temperature was about -4 or -5c. Normally thats nt too bad but when you have not moved for at least 2 1/2 hrs, it's bloody cold.

    I was up there alone and my Ex work mates were heading up there on my Day 2.
    Sitting by the fire I was being serenaded by a pack of wild dogs close by, but after one came into camp I decided to spend the rest of the night inside my Camper Trailer, not warm, but safe, as you never know with wild dog packs what will happen. If there was more than just me I would not worry at all, but on your own, you just never know.

    I go to sleep and wake up about 3:00am for the usual "old man pee" and as soon as I turned on the light I got "honked at".
    I grabbed the mighty 375 H & H magnum with my light attached, and immediately panned the area.

    Nothing.......BUGGER !

    So I gwt back into the sleeping bag, and bed, and turned off the light and again got "honked at"

    Bugger me #2

    Nothing about on the morning walk about the bush, and the "boys from my old work" turn up, and I tell then about yesterday.
    So they all hang it on me, and reconed I was just full of B.S. as per usual.

    Nothing again on evening hunt #2. so back in camp about 7:30pm and "cold as a frog".....Warmed up and sat around with the "boys" , and when I got up for my morning hunt at 5:00am ..Matt told ne that he got up at 4:30 for a leak, and there were 2 rather large Doe's just 20 feet from him.

    Bugger #3

    I love deer hunting

  2. Gumpy

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    You never know! But I do know that you'll not get one sitting on the couch.
    I bought a crossbow Saturday and I've been practicing with that this week. I need a lot more practice!

  3. SHOOTER13

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    Yea...sometimes a hunt goes that way.

    But on the plus side...you're still out there with the boys huntin'...and that's always good !!
  4. havasu

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    I'm still giggling like a schoolgirl from the title of this thread.
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    I remember years ago going bow hunting for whitetails with a buddy of mine. We were in his Opel Kadett station wagon (yes, I'm that old and we both had recurve bows - state of the art at the time!) driving down a railroad R-O-W going home after a very long, cold, and non-productive day in the woods. It was still daylight and standing in the middle of the track, blocking our way, was a very large, 8-point buck - a very small car, very long unstrung bows and ethical sportsmen - all we got was a story to tell over and over for the next 45 years. And Bucky, careful with those "old man pees" out in that cold weather!
  6. Bucky

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    Check out this bloke then


  7. Gumpy

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    Some excellent hunting! I've just traded for a crossbow and have been practicing. Can't wait for bow season to open.
  8. 28Shooter

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    Bucky - How big do your deer get? They look much larger than our native whitetails.